Thursday, April 19, 2018

New Domain Name

I am happy. For such a long time I wanted to continue writing in this blog but I couldn't - simply because I was busy with work and life as a whole. My laptop could not connect to the camp network from my previous room and using my PC in the office for blogging is not ideal. There are a lot of eyes in there but hey they don't care though.

But now? I am transferred to a single room (not shared but just me alone) and that to me is fantastic. Aside from that, the internet connection from here is crazy fast! Like I can watch Netflix from here seamlessly.

I think I can write a lot of things from now on. Hopefully, I can update this blog from time to time not because I want people to read this or to have an audience but just simply to be able to write. I think it is healthy for me and it is good for my brain.

The love of my life has encouraged me to write again. It is something that we both do in common. Creative writing or just some random stuff to write about the day.

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