Sunday, May 10, 2015

Which laptop?

This is my story in search of the incredible...

Note: This is my search of the incredible. This is my search of the best but affordable mobile gaming hardware here in the Philippines. I will keep this post updated until I get my new gaming laptop.


My name is Ryan. My bag and all the expensive stuff in it got stolen in NAIA Terminal 3, here in the Philippines. I lost two wallets with cash, ATM and credit cards, Sony MP3, Xbox Controllers, and lastly, my Lenovo Thinkpad - my expensive, business-gaming laptop.

Since I travel a lot, like a lot a lot, like I get to have four flights every month, buying a new gaming laptop did no longer occur to me. What if it got stolen again? I am traumatized, even now. But I was and always am a multimedia lover, a true-to-heart gamer, and a disciple of engineering marvels! So despite the heavy burden in my heart, I figured out that I need to move on and get a new one.

Spent a few weeks doing research, reading reviews, and specs of the best hardware but AFFORDABLE. It was hard, really hard. There were Lenovo, MSI, Alienware, Sager, Acer, and Asus Rog. These manufacturers tend to claim that they've got the beast I'm looking for. But I am a careful buyer, a smart one. I don't buy things spontaneously (except for ladies if only they are for sale) so I had to be patient.

I looked for numerous sellers in,, and other shops online. I even went to Gilmore this May 2015 just to find what I'm looking for. But even at Gilmore, the place where you can get the most affordable gaming hardware in the country, fell short to my expectations. Some shops there do not know what they are selling.

Me: Boss, itong Asus G501 nyo ba ay IPS-technology yung screen?

Supervisor: Tingnan ko ha. Hmmm. Oo. Kasi ito yug G501JW eh. Sabi sa website ng Asus IPS to. Last unit na namin yan kaya bilhin mo na.

That made me happy. But I wanted to be sure. So I checked online only to find out that there are many G501JW variants in the world and the one we have here in the Philippines is the one with a mediocre TN panel. People who went to Villman and PC Corner were disappointed about their unit after buying. The panel display was just... disappointing for a 55K-60K gaming laptop.

I started doing some more research again. And in some forums, they mentioned someone in the name of laptopmaestro. What is with that name? Catchy though...


This guy in the name of laptopmaestro shows his current list of items for sale at and

I carefully read all the details about this seller. After all, I am yet to spend more or less 70K for a gaming laptop. I had to be sure. After checking all the posts of his previous buyers in tipidpc and facebook, I decided to inquire.

I sent him a message on FB around 4 in the afternoon. I waited for his reply... but an hour has passed but there was none. So I messaged him again around 7PM. There was no reply again when I messaged him at 11PM. Well, perhaps I had to be patient. First, when you buy a laptop from this guy, it is significantly cheaper than any other sellers here in the county. I've done my share of research. So I guess it's okay to wait. He replied the next day.

Judging from the way he writes, this one is a professional dealer. Clear. Precise. Straight to the point. And really knows his stuff. Do you want to know how much he asked for the downpayment? Not 10K. Not 5k. Not 3k. Not 2k. If you want to get one? Better inquire yourself and be amazed.

Seems like laptopmaestro is a busy guy. That's why he can't reply immediately to your inquiries. Maybe this is just his 'sideline' and not really his main business. Or maybe he is a spy? Lol.

After getting all the information of where to deposit the money, I didn't hesitate to deposit the very small amount that he asked (reservation fee) the next day.

I'll keep this post updated:


  1. Hello!

    I stumbled upon this blog as I was also looking for a gaming laptop. Any updates? I'm leaning on a Sager NP7339 for the portability but there seems to be no local support for the said brand. They have a local distributor ( but their prices seems to be too much for me. I've also seen LaptopMaestro and BenStore but I'm too weary and skeptical to transact online with strangers. I hope you update your post soon. Cheers! ^^ -RED

  2. Lucky you they've replied. As for me, I have been calling their mobile number directly but they do not even bother to pick up.

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