Sunday, May 24, 2015

Losing humanity...

There are times in your life when you can lose so much. And sometimes, you lose too many great things. It would hurt, it surely would. It will haunt you in your dreams, because even though you lost them and forever be gone, the memories remain. It made me happy in some quite times in the mountains - the Sony MP3 Player which my mom gave to me. It unleashed the gaming potential in me - the expensive Lenovo Thinkpad mom bought for me. It carried all my belongings wherever I go - the Habagat Backpack I bought on my first salary. My two wallets, cash, IDs, Credit and ATM Cards, Two 1TB Hard Drives, and others. All of them went with him, the guy who needed that money to suffice his worldly needs because he doesn't want to work hard as much as I do.

I work hard in the mountains. Day or Night. Rainy day or Scorching hot sunny day. I work hard and obey my superiors. So that I can buy things that I never had before. To reward myself. But people these days, they just steal everything. They lost their humanity.

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  1. ye. people these days. but it's okay, napapalitan naman yun.


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