Monday, April 16, 2012

Saree na po

I am not the kind of person who is so fond of having friends. I can live my life alone without anyone with me in my entire life. I can move along the day without talking or perhaps even opening my mouth.

I am really such a mood-swinger and I like quiet places. I can’t stand a day being with somebody since I really hate it. I prefer to be alone.

The cigarettes I threw on the road after sipping all its nicotine is an evidence that I am making my life shorter. The bottle of alcohol in my side makes me wonder how life can be so beautiful when all I know is that is sucks!

How I wish they would just know that I only want to live because of my family. Since I am responsible for their sake, I need to be alive and I have to be firm.
I do not really care for others feelings but somehow I am situated in this place where my second family is blooming.

This family, composed of many different personalities, is my new source of laughter. Where I can make jokes, or else I can be the object of laughter by acting like a gay, and laugh out hard when there is something funny. It is so fun to be here.

But somehow there are people who are nice but often insensitive. Maybe the busy atmosphere of the office makes them so insensitive that sometimes they don’t listen or perhaps they don’t let you explain when you have done something wrong (a mistake that is not really a big deal).

I am always attentive when it comes to agreement or something alike and if I am not able to do it, maybe there is really a valid reason or valid reasons.
I do not want to feel like this. I am sad because someone is mad at me without considering what had happen.

I treat this new family of mine very well with all my sincerity because we always stick together in the office for the whole semester.

Though I am really heartless, bully and hot tempered, I am kind to them since they are nice to me as well and I will continue staying like this even if there are people who are insensitive.

I am really trying my best to befriend them and
I just want to say sorry for not being able to jog with you.

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