Sunday, April 15, 2012

How to kill INSENSITIVE people in a blog post...

Why is it that many people are making LAWS and RULES just for their own gain?

I witnessed several scenarios in mankind that involved this kind of parasitic behaviorI would like to KILL some INSENSITIVE people in this post.

It can be noted that a few months ago the Board has decided to not let the staff open their Face Book and other social networking accounts for some significant reasons.

First, so that the Staff can focus on their work.
Second, to detach themselves from distraction.
Third, to consume office hours sole-fully in good-work.
Fourth, to maintain a PEACEFUL working environment
Fifth, to establish teamwork among other co-staffers.
Sixth, to publish weekly?

Again, I am writing this post not because I am a coward but because I do not want to argue with people who are not in level with my I.Q.
If they will argue with me, I know I can shut their mouth up just like the last time.

Moreover, I am a Sole Noblesse. I need to handle situations with Class and Dignity.

Here are my arguments:

We are prohibited to use social networking sites because of the reason stated above, but why is it that there are some people who are playing other games during office hours? Is not it an act of altering the law?

Why is it that there are people who are TOO noisy while playing?
Is not it an act of tearing down the Peace And Order Rule in the Office?

Why is it that some people are singing so LOUD that they are already making the STUPIDIST NOISE ever?

Aren't they aware that we are not their audience? and that we do not understand what the hell they are saying?

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