Monday, April 16, 2012

Forgive me friend (I'm talking to you. Yes, you are)

I admit that I am not good in terms on making my friends to stay longer in the circle. My teachers in different secondary schools would always tell me that I am a "test" to my friends. A test, meaning that I am a sort of qualifying exam that people need to pass to figure out who can stay when there's no reason to stay at all for a jerk like me.

Because I am a person having multiple-personalities (not the psycho-weirdo thing) that changes every time I walked in to a place and to the next one, my personalty also changes to suit into the crowd.

When I am at home or at a residential place (don't have one) I am a bully piece of dirt that my "ka-tropa" really has to be courteous when I'm around. I admire them because they respect me a lot and often call me "bossing gud ka dire". They knew that I am a mood-swinger and that I usually have mood swings every time I enter the room.

I even don't understand myself. When I am in the office I am surely becoming a funny noisy geek that I can take hard jokes for granted (wala ra..). But, sometimes I would forget that I'm inside TN and when someone moves a quick joke on me I would just shut my mouth and keep silent for a while and wait for a couple of seconds until I can bounce back a joke..

I am not really used when someone makes fun of me but I guess I was the one who gave them the impression that I am a happy-go-along person and that I can handle temper-loosing jokes.

Honestly, the office is the only place where I can smile and laugh out loud until I get tired. The place where I talk so much and do stupid silly things beyond my control..

But, It is much better that way. I don't want them to know me as a hot-tempered no-earth citizen which I usually do all the time in my boarding house. I really hate noisy people that's why I always kick and slam the doors of anyone who makes noise when I am asleep.

Or if someone would gave me a half meant joke when I am in the bad mood (you bet I am always in the bad mood), then the war is near and I'm ready to launch my dynamo fist. I only respect a few people and these are the ones whom I call kuya and ate.

When I call someone's name or when I say Hi! or hello! that means I am really trying hard to greet you guys because I never greet anybody. I am nice, and pretend to be a stupidly gayish shrek because I am learning to situate myself to a daily routine with all of you in my everyday life cycle.

I want to mark your heads that I am easy-to-be-with though I'm really not. See? I am very irritating most of the times and I love to irritate people. I so love it when someone holds anger at me without a deep reason because it will really show how poor the socializing skills they have.

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