Monday, April 13, 2015

EduKation (Education)

For so many days now, well, weeks rather, since my last entry, I have been wanting to write as regularly as possible, like thrice or twice a week. But my schedule won't let me. I work on a 12-hour 6AM-6PM shift at the office or at the field and when I enter my room, I'm just so tired I want to sleep the soonest.

But I guess that's not the issue. My writing is deteriorating. I write bad sentences in my desktop, I'm finding it hard to construct a paragraph. Wrong spelling, well, I was never really good at that. My spelling bee 'power' is never really quite good and my vocabulary is limited. When I was in second grade, my teacher forced me to join a spelling bee eliminations. The winner will represent our school in the city meet. I pretty much got all right, except these one long word and 'milk'. Yes, MILK. It took me forever to spell that one and until now I cannot forget that.

How's that for a throwback? Haha.

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