Thursday, April 30, 2015

Kaban ng Bayan

I have been talking to myself for two hours straight already. I do this all the time. I do this when I am alone in my room. When I am depositing in the white throne. When I don't do anything at work.

However, as of the moment, I am in the mountains of northeastern Philippines looking after a drilling activity for a mining company I work for. And it's three in the morning, it's cold here, dark and could have been peaceful if not for the screaming of monstrosity coming from a gargantuan of a machine.

But before I started talking to myself, I did some crazy stuff like rock and rolling, shaking my head (That they called headbanging), and strumming an invisible lead guitar while listening to an upbeat-rock-rnb playlist.

I talked about politics, mistakes, and partially love, and anything random... I complained about how the government is taking so much tax from me every month and how ill the country we have now. That I would allow Mayor Duterte to take presidency and massacre all politicians who got their crooked nails dirty by stealing money from  the 'Kaban ng Bayan.'

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Breaking Free

Weeks have passed. Many weeks have gone by. I went to many places. I almost traveled the whole country - from the outskirts of northeastern Mindanao, to some parts of the Visayas, in Metro Manila, and now here in northeastern Luzon. I've been to many places, really, in just a matter of six months.

Unlike the movie 'That thing called Tadhana', I cannot afford to go to Rome, but I frequent in NAIA twice a month. I didn't go to Baguio and Sagada, but I've been to Baguio in 2012 and stayed in Benguet for more than two months. I know how it looks like, how cold it is, how beautiful the trees, the mountains, and the skies. I picked some strawberries, too.

But is't not about the place. It's about the feelings - the reasons why you have to go that far and spend all that money; the reasons why you have to leave behind your old life for a moment and be someone else new for a little while.

There is something wonderful about a place where everything around you is new. They don't know you. You don't know them. And you can just walk at the seashore, at the boulevard, or at the streets and nobody will care. At last, you can breathe. You are free.

Monday, April 13, 2015

EduKation (Education)

For so many days now, well, weeks rather, since my last entry, I have been wanting to write as regularly as possible, like thrice or twice a week. But my schedule won't let me. I work on a 12-hour 6AM-6PM shift at the office or at the field and when I enter my room, I'm just so tired I want to sleep the soonest.

But I guess that's not the issue. My writing is deteriorating. I write bad sentences in my desktop, I'm finding it hard to construct a paragraph. Wrong spelling, well, I was never really good at that. My spelling bee 'power' is never really quite good and my vocabulary is limited. When I was in second grade, my teacher forced me to join a spelling bee eliminations. The winner will represent our school in the city meet. I pretty much got all right, except these one long word and 'milk'. Yes, MILK. It took me forever to spell that one and until now I cannot forget that.

How's that for a throwback? Haha.