Friday, March 6, 2015

Siopao... Bola-bola

I think I have gained so much weight in just two months. I mean, it seems like my face has become round just like a siopao with bola-bola filling. Haha!

The company has been very extravagant in providing the employees everything to make them stay - bringing restaurant grade food here in the mountains, air-condition rooms, hot and cold shower, clean and comfy accommodation. Everything is already here. And if you don't have any family at home waiting for you, then you can stay here for good. But unfortunately, you can't. You really need to go home during your break. I have a little sister. :)

My roster break is quite nice. The best so far ever since I started working as a professional geologist in large scale to medium scale companies here in the country. I have a 28 days work and 14 days break (w/ pay) roster break. Ain't that the best there is? Here in the country, there are only two or three companies offering this kind of luxurious benefits.

I am blessed. And though this is just a very short term project, I hope and pray that they will absorb me or at least extend me or even get me regularized. But the current price of gold is a big factor in getting me there. So I can only pray and let the Lord our God do the magic.


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