Friday, February 27, 2015

Healty Living

I wasn't able to have my exercise for almost 3 weeks already. It started when I went home for my roster break - spent two days in Manila, a week in Cebu, and a week in Dumaguete.

So tonight, I'm back. RAAAAAAAAAAAA! Did some running at the treadmill (is this the correct spelling? Haha.) I want to gain some weight and build some toned muscles. Not the likes of Hogan or Arnold. Just the lean one with enough muscles. Pang-chicks ba! Haha!

I hope I gain body mass soon and develop well-toned muscles. I also hope I can run faster and improved my endurance, just like college days. Oh, when I was in college, I was... well, it was my best years. I was a varsity member and played in the national collegiate games twice.

The fastest game in the court - BADMINTON.

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