Sunday, January 4, 2015

Window shop Manila!

I arrived in Manila last night. I rented a room at a very affordable hotel along north EDSA, right across SM North EDSA. I’m not really choosy when it comes to rooms and food and clothes and stuff. As long as I can sleep, as long as it’s edible, as long as it’s clean, I’ll go for it.
Went to Makati-Ayala area and window shopped. Looking for potential products to purchase when I have the money, which in reality is unlikely to happen because I don’t have money yet and I still need a job.

Toured around manila – malls, restaurants, and shops. Then I got tired, and realized that I didn’t really like Manila when I started working here last year. The noise. The dust. The pollution. The jeepneys. No offense to Filipinos. But in Dumaguete there is none like these.

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