Friday, January 2, 2015

Blessings pouring in!

I just slept all day. I came home late last night because I went walking around. I’m not sure if I’ve been with people or someone last night. I don’t know. Memory gap.

So yeah. I slept in the morning. I slept in the afternoon. Then suddenly…

Ring! Ring! Ring!

I picked up the phone. And answered whoever it was calling me because the number is not registered to my Nokia 1020.

“This is Vanessa from Oceanagold Philippines.”

I was like. “Didn’t hear you. Come again.”

“Is this Sir Ryan? I’m Vanessa po from Oceanagold.”

Oceanagold. One of my dream companies. The one I always hear about that offers good pay, good food, good accommodation, good benefits, and good roster break.

It is January 2, after all. I didn’t have a job anymore. My last contract ended last December 20, 2014. I badly need a job. And here this comes.

My job here is very short term. Only three months as a Geotechnical Engineer/Geologist. But the superintendent said that he will try to open a regular position anytime soon. And QUALIFIED candidates may be absorbed. I am holding on to that chance. Praying and hoping. Trying to perform well. So whenever that position comes, when it comes, I may qualify.

Dili jud diay ka kalimtan ni Lord. So far, wala pako natambay. Thank you BRO!

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