Thursday, January 1, 2015

1…2… 3… Happy New Year!

Everyone around the world had their own share of noise to celebrate the first day of 2015. Even in the small town of Dumaguete, even in our humble abode (we rented two studio type rooms somewhere around downtown) we also had our own share of celebration.

Mom came home along with Donald. It is worth noting that he is not the owner of McDonald’s. They came from a short vacation in NZ. Donald is a kiwi. Mom a Filipina. So they kinda hit it.

This is the first New Year that we celebrated as a family, as far as I can remember. I really don’t have much of memories, and if my memory doesn't fail me, we didn't have any celebration as a family. I’m not sure.

God is good. And HE is always true to his promises.

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