Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Basketball player. Weeh?

After work, the geotechnical team had talks about playing basketball tonight. However, I kinda got bruises from last night. I rolled twice in the court when an opponent accidentally extends his leg in front of me causing my feet to trip. (Sakto ba ni akong English? Hahaha. Something is wrong with this sentence.)

So yeah. I didn't play tonight. Perhaps tomorrow. Or maybe not. Maybe I am better off with the treadmill. There is no physical contact in that. And I am very very cautious and careful with my right hand/arm. It’s prone to getting fractured easily. It got displaced 10 years ago. And the doctor said that if it happens again, I’m gonna lose my right arm! Waaaaaaaahh!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Feast here in Didipio...

Tonight was a feast here, here in Didipio Mine Site. According to our Senior Pit Technician, every end of the month, this Aussie-Kiwi company hosts feast according to what they feel like celebrating.

Tonight, it is Australian night. The food. My GAAAAAHHHDD. The food!
Baby back ribs. Pure beef patty. Real French fries. Rice. Chaofan Rice. Beef afritada. Fish. Spaghetti. Macaroni. Lasagna. Choco Cake. Muffins. Egg pie. Chees Cake. Strawberry Cake. Rocky road ice cream. Caramel Ice cream. A salad bar where you can choose from a variety of fruit and vege mix. Too many to mention.

It is like this every night. The company gets a catering service in the morning, lunch, and supper. So everything here is delicious.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Physical exam? Watapak? Haha!

This is not my first medical exam. But I had a lot of ‘firsts’ during this one. When the doctor said physical medical exam. It meant all. ALL. As in, ALL.

Blood. Urine. Shit. Eyes. Nose. Throat. Skin. Lungs. Liver. Genitals and Anus. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh. The doctor was female though. Hahahaha.

And yeah, you know that feeling. I don’t have to elaborate that. The good news is that, I have learned that my lungs is clear. It is now free from the disease that I got a year ago.

Thank you Lord for the gift of healing. And thank you for all the blessings that you poured in to my life. I couldn’t ask for more. Except this tiny little request. Hehe.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hired! Yohoo!

I traveled to Manila yesterday. Again, it is a long 12 hour trip, that one. I stayed at the same cheap hotel in the metro. I am very excited to go home, and tell mother about the good news.

Then a phone call came… “Ryan, this is Vanessa from oceana. You are going to submit the following requirements I sent in your email.”

It meant that I cannot go home. It meant that I had to stay in Manila. CLOTHELESS.

So I had to go to the nearest shopping center and got myself some white shirts, shorts, and underwear. They wanted me to work too soon. And I had no choice. I badly needed the job.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Will they hire me?

Today is my interview for the job. I met the senior engineer and saw the superintendent, an Australian I assume. There are a lot of foreigners working here. We call them expat. Foreigners are called that way. I don’t know why.

Before I was interviewed, they toured me around the mining site. At the OPEN PIT. WOAH. WOAH. WOAH. I was just amazed watching this engineering marvel.

Then they asked me to do some tasks. Well, it’s part of the recruitment. They asked me to map some geologic structures in the pit. This one couldn’t be more perfect in timing since this is my task a few months back as a geothermal geologist.

“So, Ryan. Why should we hire you? Does your school teach geotechnical engineering as a minor subject?”

“No Sir. Our school is not very particular in engineering geology. So I don’t know much. But I just know the concept. Don’t expect too much. I don’t know much. But I’m young and I’m really eager to learn. I am young and I am really excited about doing this project.”

Monday, January 5, 2015

Longest travel I've had ever

A very… very… very long travel to the mining site is gonna start soon. I’m writing this blog while waiting for the company bus to arrive. I’m sitting at a ministop convenient store just right across the main office of this mining company.

Makati is different by the way. It’s clean and the entire city is well-planned. There are only one or two of these here in the Philippines. Not sure. They said Davao is nice too.

It will take 12 hours of looooooooooooooooonggg…travel over the mountains; over the ridge of northern Luzon. I never really thought that a trip could be as tiring as this. But yeah know. I am excited. I need to nail that interview tomorrow.

God is always true to his promises. Thank you Lord.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Window shop Manila!

I arrived in Manila last night. I rented a room at a very affordable hotel along north EDSA, right across SM North EDSA. I’m not really choosy when it comes to rooms and food and clothes and stuff. As long as I can sleep, as long as it’s edible, as long as it’s clean, I’ll go for it.
Went to Makati-Ayala area and window shopped. Looking for potential products to purchase when I have the money, which in reality is unlikely to happen because I don’t have money yet and I still need a job.

Toured around manila – malls, restaurants, and shops. Then I got tired, and realized that I didn’t really like Manila when I started working here last year. The noise. The dust. The pollution. The jeepneys. No offense to Filipinos. But in Dumaguete there is none like these.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Dumzville to Ubec to Manila

I woke up early today. It is my flight to Cebu, from Dumaguete, then Manila in the afternoon. It seems like I was touring around the Visayas but no!

Like what my previous post suggest, I am going for an interview in Didipio, Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya. It is a far-flung place in northeastern Luzon, Philippines.

The funny thing is how short the trip was from Dumaguete to Cebu. When the plane went up the sky, a time for the passengers to take the toilet or to eat some snacks, I closed my eyes a bit because I was too tired the night before. Uhmm… Then…

We are to land Mactan International Airport in 10 minutes… something like that…

Then I told myself. What a short trip this is!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Blessings pouring in!

I just slept all day. I came home late last night because I went walking around. I’m not sure if I’ve been with people or someone last night. I don’t know. Memory gap.

So yeah. I slept in the morning. I slept in the afternoon. Then suddenly…

Ring! Ring! Ring!

I picked up the phone. And answered whoever it was calling me because the number is not registered to my Nokia 1020.

“This is Vanessa from Oceanagold Philippines.”

I was like. “Didn’t hear you. Come again.”

“Is this Sir Ryan? I’m Vanessa po from Oceanagold.”

Oceanagold. One of my dream companies. The one I always hear about that offers good pay, good food, good accommodation, good benefits, and good roster break.

It is January 2, after all. I didn’t have a job anymore. My last contract ended last December 20, 2014. I badly need a job. And here this comes.

My job here is very short term. Only three months as a Geotechnical Engineer/Geologist. But the superintendent said that he will try to open a regular position anytime soon. And QUALIFIED candidates may be absorbed. I am holding on to that chance. Praying and hoping. Trying to perform well. So whenever that position comes, when it comes, I may qualify.

Dili jud diay ka kalimtan ni Lord. So far, wala pako natambay. Thank you BRO!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

1…2… 3… Happy New Year!

Everyone around the world had their own share of noise to celebrate the first day of 2015. Even in the small town of Dumaguete, even in our humble abode (we rented two studio type rooms somewhere around downtown) we also had our own share of celebration.

Mom came home along with Donald. It is worth noting that he is not the owner of McDonald’s. They came from a short vacation in NZ. Donald is a kiwi. Mom a Filipina. So they kinda hit it.

This is the first New Year that we celebrated as a family, as far as I can remember. I really don’t have much of memories, and if my memory doesn't fail me, we didn't have any celebration as a family. I’m not sure.

God is good. And HE is always true to his promises.