Monday, December 1, 2014

Growing up!

A few hours ago, I was looking for PC peripherals and hardware over the internet. Like I wasn't able to do my work. Truth is, the team has come to a part where the working has become boring. All we did since the day we came back from a 2-week fieldwork at the various areas in northeastern Mindanao is to check documents, prepare the database, hazard reports, and in the next two days, map interpretation. Boring.

So I came up with a good idea. How about if I stop working and just build a Gaming Rig, it's a gaming PC with all the hardware of a monster PC. Search all over the net, Google it, checked their prices and so on...

But now, five hours have passed. I'm damn tired from all the research of this gaming rig, as what gamers call it. Then, suddenly, reality settles in. I need to stop thinking about gaming, having a good time, games, games. I really need to grow up and start working for my future.

I need to grow up.