Friday, April 11, 2014

The 41st Floor!

Yesterday was my second first day here in the Head Office. I just got off from a  month-long field work in southern Negros island. I got dark and have gotten used to not taking a bath for like, four to five days, (and my tolerance to not taking a bath has grown particularly longer than when I was still in college.)

Since Kuya Farell and Madeline were not around, (they haven't gotten off from their base-off yet) I had to figure out my way to the head office all by myself. From where I am renting a room right now, that is Krus Na Ligas, I would take a tricycle to PHILCOA. Then take a jeepney to TRINOMA/SM North Edsa. Then take a free ride from the company shuttle service that drives you to the office here at Ortigas Center.

I am using the issued laptop and the internet, of which I am sure being monitored by some IT personnel against anyone who use the internet for personal amusement (like me!), here in my cubicle. Crossing my fingers I don't get caught! Hahaha!

By the way, I'm at the 41st floor of that building!

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  1. Hi, Ryan. Thank you for following my blog. How did you find my blog? Anyway, I added you to my reading list already.

    I remember I dreamed of working in an office in a high rise building. Hehehe. Hindi nangyari. I work in the basement in our home.


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