Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Get Away! Lalala...

I have a new task today. And this task is something that I do very often in college - editing/proofreading. But no! This is no fun! There is no way in the world, even if it becomes stupidly insane, that a task like this would likely become adorable or wantable if you are proofreading a geologic/well geology log. Makamatay ang ka-boring! Makamatay! Aaahhh!

Sakita sa ulo!!! Aaaahhhhh!

But I have to endure this task of mine, though this one doesn't really require too much brains. No, really it doesn't. It only requires patience, and patience, and patience.

2.30PM. This is frustrating. I can hardly continue doing this.

4 PM. This is nuts! I'm so sleepy I wanna grab my bag and sleep over it.

4.20 PM. I need to wait until 5 PM. Go home time!


  1. well we all go through that once in a while. kayod lang kayod, may magandang naghihintay. :)

    1. Tama tama. Siguro ganito nga talaga pag nagsisimula palang. Kayod lang talaga!

  2. I actually like geology.For some insane reason.

    1. It's a good thing that you like geology. By the way, bakit parang chinese ata yang pangalan mo? Hehe.


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