Sunday, April 13, 2014

Destiny Church in UP Dilliman

I went to the church this afternoon. I mean, I didn't really entirely attended the whole thing because I was late. I'm always late, at all things, most of the time. And being late is something that has become a trademark, a part of my system.

The church is called Destiny. It is a church in UP (They are renting the entire UP theater every Sunday!). I have been there last year when I was still reviewing for the board exam. Then later on, when I started working, I didn't come back anymore since I was assigned to different places.

Not until now that I got a second job and got me an office here in Metro Manila. The place, if I could remember it clearly a year ago, was always fully-packed. Youth were storming in.

They have this pastor, his name is Karlo, what an awesome preacher. Wow! The first time I heard him preaching, I believed in him. All the things he said. He was marvelous. He had this gift that when he spoke, everyone listened. He would do frequent actions and leisurely make walks around the theater stage. He is one of the great pastors I've heard. :)

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