Monday, March 17, 2014

Geologist at Work!

People in the city go to mountains to get in touch with NATURE. Us, who are working most of the time in the mountains, forests, and rivers, go to the city to get in touch with CIVILIZATION.

Now, what are we doing here? We select samples from rocks that are exposed to the surface. Then we send them out for petrological/chemical/mineralogical analysis to better understand their composition, texture, and origin. Some samples are analyzed for dating (radiometric dating).

We also map structures such as faults/fractures, and other lineaments. Some of my teammates do the geophysics and geochemistry thingy; seismic and magnetic surveys to better understand the subsurface characteristics of a particular area, and chemical sampling, both liquid and gas, for further analysis of the mechanisms that took place in a geothermal system.

If all is well, we drill, more or less, 3,000 meters sub-vertically into the earth to produce geothermal steam which is converted to electricity so that you guys can watch your favorite TV shows at home! See? Us geologists make your lives easier without you knowing!