Saturday, October 5, 2013

The King's Speech

"I'm a good officer. But I'm not a King! I'm not a King!"

He is the Duke of York, the son of King George V, King and Royal Highness of Great Britain. His name is too long I can no longer recall. But the word in between his very long name is Albert. And his Speech Doctor calls him Berty but he doesn't like that. He is a Duke and Prince after all. And by the way, he stammers, a lot.

Since he is a Duke and the son of a King, he has to attend numerous gatherings and events that greatly require his verbal charisma - an ability, that's sadly, he is not blessed with.

This is a movie. And this one is inspired by the real-life drama of King George VI during the 1930's upon the declaration of war by Germany against its non-ally countries. During those hard times, the speech-defective King tried his best to lift-up the spirits of his people. He gave them hope through delivering speeches on nationwide broadcast.

He can hardly speak, can hardly utter a single word from his mouth. And during his younger years, people made fun of him. His brother teases him. His nanny pinches him a lot because she doesn't like him. And until he grew old, around his 40's perhaps, have gone married and begotten a couple of children, his inability to speak caused topsy-turvy to his prominence.

But he tried anyway, he tried to get the best experts in Great Britain and sought the possibility of being cured. All of them failed, except one. They did tongue exercises and other ridiculous stuff that sounded funny to me. He succeeded and became King, a remarkable one. As a matter of fact, he is one of the most recognized Kings in monarch history.

I love the story because I can relate to his circumstance. I stammer a lot when I was a kid, and I think it occurred psychologically, something happened in my childhood years that led me to acquire such defect. I struggled at first, yes. But I tried my best to overcome that weakness by formulating techniques while talking.

Now, I still stammer though, sometimes. But I'm not that obvious anymore. But watching the movie made me realize that I can still develop my speaking. I will look for exercises that will help improve the way I speak. And I'm very excited about it. Yey! :)