Wednesday, July 10, 2013

HE Works Mysteriously

The world is crazy. Things have gone crazy. And along the insanity of the world and its unpredictable shortcomings, I remained super for I was built to be super, to withstand trials and face problems one on one.

Really, Ryan? Is that why you have become a sissy? And had almost let go of your dreams and faith and courage and all the things that you want to prove to yourself and to everybody?

Yes, almost, almost, almost. But HE works in wonderful ways. HE listens to me even though I am crazy. HE answers my prayers even though I am crazy. HE has been always good to me despite being crazy. HE is a wonderful and kind creator.

During this circumstance, I have learned a few lessons. HE will help you boost your confidence and make you feel proud and super. But when you have crossed the line, and the blessings have gone over your head, he will take some of it.

Then you will remember your mistakes and because of those mistakes you are being tested. I am now reminded of where I stand.

I am crossing my fingers, hoping my documents will be fixed. I have received a good news early this afternoon. Thank you, Lord. :) For I shall become what YOU want me to be. Your will be done. 

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