Sunday, June 2, 2013

Jitters! Board Exam! Lord Help!

I thank God for giving me always this optimistic aura ever  since I was born. This aura has led me to several victories and next-after-next success in life. For passing each year level in elementary, high school, and in college, is a success. Education is a prize; and it is something that will forever remain when everything you have is lost.

The PRC Licensure Exam for Geologists is nearing. It is so near that you can already feel the grainy texture of the test paper, and feel the crooked smiles of the examiners if someone fails it. Unlike other licensure exams, geology licensing is held only once a year. That means if someone fails the exam, he shall wait for another year to try it once more.

And I am on the downside, my batchmates have already started their review for the 3-day licensure examination last summer. They have been scanning, reading, etc. ever since after graduation. I, on the other hand, enrolled myself to summer class to graduate and was not able to review because my classes start 8AM and ends 3PM, integral calculus (calculus 2) and differential equations (calculus 3). These subjects, for emphasis, are total headaches. My brain cells were all consumed everyday just of these two, nothing left to review for geology.

My reviewmates have already noticed that my knowledge in geology is not topnotch compared to theirs, and that I am quite forgetful to some of the information I have learned way back in college. But I told them that I will catch up and try the hardest to fit all geology information inside my brain for the next two months remaining, since the PRC Geology board Exam will be on August 13, 14, and 15, 2013.

I also made a joke that I will either top or merely pass the board exam to make them feel better and worry less about the present situation of my brain. But I don't intend to boast or something like that, because deep in my heart I know that I can topnotch, all I need is to focus all my energy for that exam, and I have been praying, and claiming my victory from God. For God's will is always good, he doesn't want us to fail, or feel bad, or hurt. For he knows all my plans in life...all of plans are all good...all for my family... 

I will pass the board exam. I will pass it. I am claiming my victory from you God.

Thank you Lord! 

INSERT --> Oh by the way, while falling in line to register/enroll myself to UP Dilliman's CWM Zena'na Geology Board Review, I saw this pretty chick at the registration table. There are many beautiful women in UP, it is the haven of beautiful women, but I prefer her among any other else. She is a three-letter-named chick. I hope she doesn't show up again. I am easily distracted.

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  1. with that determination and will, of course you will pass the boards! pa-pizza ka na.!^_^

    hi ryan how you doin. its been so long. wow, UP^_^


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