Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Road Trip...

If I didn't guard myself well, she would have caught me "love at first sight" for the second time around. I'm glad that my priorities are not women this time, just this time.

If my memory doesn't fail me, we met four or three years ago. The moment we met, I fell in love. Who wouldn't? [But I know that me saying this is so redundant. She is not the first woman that I happen to write about in this blog, but still, as of this moment, I'm thinking of the possibilities]. It happened so fast. And our relationship ended so fast, too. It was a hell of a roller coaster ride. In a minute, you are on the verge of extreme euphoria, then the next sixty seconds, you end up emo-emo somewhere.

I was the shy and good boy when we met three/four years back. Take note, shy type and good boy. That means I really don't have the guts to talk to the girls I like. But still, I can relay to them the idea that I like them by just looking at them. I have romantic eyes. Lol. Haha.

How is that possible that I possess such inner good features? Nah, I'm kind you know but I get angry, too. And when I get angry, I really am angry. Ahemm... So that when we met again last week I had to make sure that she and my old friends don't freak out to what I have become. I am no good boy now. :P

I said hi to them since she was with a friend of mine in elementary. I didn't let 10 seconds to pass and told her "Naa ko diri kay makig-date ko nimu." I gave her a smile, too. I know that things like that don't work but really, it's all that I can say. I expected rejection for what I did but still I managed to smile for such a stupid attempt. She just smiled and started to give signs to my other friend. Oh, I know what this is. This is rejection. Ryan gets rejected. NO!!!

But still I stood there, waiting patiently. When it was her turn to stand up, I held my breath for she became a fine young woman. She was attractive... [I need to prohibit myself from writing adjectives because I don't want malice and sensuality to overrule this paragraph] All I can say is that, she is attractive. And any men, any, even gays and dwarfs, would turn their heads to give a good look at her.

I realized that I had to go home, everything went wrong, epic fail. But when I started to walk backwards, getting ready to say goodbye, she walked towards me and asked, "Asa ta mangadto?"

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