Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I will do my best, God please do the rest!

I have been crossing my fingers for a long time now. I have been murmuring repetitious prayers every now and then. I have been in fright nights every time I lay my back in bed. I have been constantly reminding myself that I can make it. I have been reminded a million times by my alter ego that if I just do the right things, I can graduate in more or less than two months.  I just need to hold my breath for two months. That's it and I can make it.

I just need to do the right things. I just need to read the right books. I just need to understand all theories and scientific complexities. Then after that, I can make it. 

Lord, please. Guide me and Bless me as you always does.

Friday, January 4, 2013

They call it kitten, I call it Puppy

i like you, i really do
i'll still like you, even if you don't want me to
i like you, i really really do
i want you to say that you like me too

but if you don't, i don't mind
your pretty, and kind, your just so hard to find
if i'm too forward, i'll rewind
i'll finish the race, even if i'm way behind

i like it when you smile
you make me pause for a while
i want to take a picture, stack it on my pile
if that's a crime, i'm guilty, we can skip the trial

i like you, i really do
i do like you, do you like me too?
i want to call you my boo
i don't think i can stop liking you

one hour goes by
there, i would lie
every minute i let out a sigh
waiting, for you to reply

am i going crazy?
or i'm just crazy about you?
you are my fair lady
am i a prince charming to you?

i like you, i really really do
i like you more than any kinds of brew
you can put my heart in a stew
it'll still beat, whenever its near you

time, makes me question
so much, it ends up as repetition
is it addiction or attraction?
so many complications, leads me to contemplation

it starts off as a crush
now its a must
it sticks like rusts
you are my royal flush

i like you, i really do
if you say i do, i'll say i do too
i cant stop thinking about you
because, i think i really do like you

i like you
i really do
i really like you
like really, i do

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Am I Really An Addict?

So, it was like this. I was and still am studying when all of a sudden my aunt from Canada called via Skype. There was nothing special about that. She always does that everyday to check her sons and grandchildren and pamangkins (that is me and my fat sister). Then, I remember a deal that we talked about a month ago. The deal was she have to find me some chix there in Canada. I mean, oh la la la babe. 

She also told me that she has seen pretty girls in their church who are in my age bracket (18-21). And that these girls are daughters of devoted church members, pastors and the devout. Nevertheless, I still want to meet some babe from a foreign land. I was eager and excited about it. Half-filipina or pure pinay from a foreign land.

I inquired to her about that, I need an update. Then she told me this:

Tita: Haynako dong. Maulaw pud ta magpa-ila-ila nimo sa mga anak sa akong mga kaila diri. Unsaon manang gwapo unya mag-post-post ug adik adik sa Facebook. Wala jud kay klaro. Puro ra binuang ang pang-buhaton. Taronga sa to imong Facebook. (Ano ka ba dong. Nagdadalawang isip naman akong ipakilala ka sa mga kasamahan ko dito kasi puro mga lamang adik ang nasa Facebook mo. Puro lang mga katatawanan linalagay mo dun. Ayusin mo muna ang Facebook mo.)

Seriously? Can't I be admirable and stupid at the same time?  Wahahahahaha.