Sunday, December 23, 2012

Marquez planned Pacquaio's loss

It was a strategy. It was planned. What people saw as an unbelievable lucky knock-out punch by Marquez was a counter-attack that was years in the making.

The rivalry between these two great fighters erupted eight years ago. While the Saranggani politician was too busy in his career that includes endorsing products, singing, acting and working in the legislative, his Mexican counter part, on his long training days, was carefully planning his sweetest revenge.

When Pacman fell on the floor, facing the canvass, people in the entire world who were watching became silent out of disbelief. After all, he was The Manny Pacquaio. He was never seen so helpless in his international fights, not until Marquez made him 'sleeping beauty' in the ring.

Did Pacman make a mistake? Was he too greedy? Was he too offensive? No, that is his natural fighting style. What we saw in his very recent fight with Juan Manuel Marquez was the Manny Pacquiao of two or three years ago. He was a natural offensive boxer, a formidable K.O. artist.

That is why he was dubbed as the most exciting boxer in the world. In every fight, there is no second that he stops moving to look for an opening. While these are Pacman's strongest assets - speed, power, offense and reflex, these also became his weakness. Marquez used these strengths to turn against him.

On the sixth round, Marquez waited for that one-two combination of Pacman as he always does in the previous rounds. And He succeeded. There is no luck in there. This is professional boxing. This is not a game of luck.

Just like in Basketball, every play is carefully thought of, every play is practiced so many times that players instinctively run to their assigned spots in the court to do what they are tasked to do.

For Manny Pacquiao, Sir I am a big fan of yours. Not because you are a Filipino (because I don't give a damn about nationalism). It is because you are a great fighter. No fighter in the world that could make me dream of being a boxer. I always love to hit people. Haha. I always wanted to box but because of my injured right hand, I had to shift to another sport Badminton.

Sir, you need to fight again. I encourage you to fight again and forget about your defeat. Next year, come back to the ring and destroy the face of Bradley. Go for a fifth match against Marquez, break his nose again Sir. I want you to use the same offensive fighting style but careful enough to watch over his counter punches.

Then after you do all these, PLEASE PLEASE. I BEG YOU. FUCK the face of MAYWEATHER. Destroy him and just put an end to his 'sissy' mouth.

Then, finally. After you retire, just please find JUSTIN BIEBER and HIT HIM for me, will you? He is a one stupid son of a bitch I want to barbecue him alive. Thank you.

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