Monday, December 31, 2012

Home Alone (nth time)

My sister left me. Two of my older cousins left me, too. The kids here left me. That means I am alone this New Year, the same scenario that is happening for the last fourteen years. Everyone just disappear. Everyone just want to spend the holiday season somewhere else and not with their family. 

Had I learned earlier about their going I could have gone somewhere first, somewhere where? That is a very difficult question you see. I have a midterm exam on January 2 and I had the PDFs printed yesterday. I reviewed my notes, just a few pages actually. So, having a short vacation is not part of the plan.

I want to call her. THE HER. But I was hesitant so I just sent her a smiley, just a smiley. No words. No special message, just an emoticon. LOL. She didn't even reply. How could I be so damn obvious! Holiday delicious ham, spaghetti and coke were my dinner.

Happy New Year folks!

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