Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Hard-headed Home Sapien

There has to be a way for a homo sapien to learn from his mistakes. There has to be a way to make him understand that once a mistake has been committed in the past, there is only a minuscule of a chance that he will do it again. But this one is hard-headed, lax, radical and all of the above. I don’t want to become that kind of human being. But I’m actually referring to myself and everything I said before the last two sentences is a throng of understatements.

I intend to write an article that would fill in the empty space of the features page of our college paper but since there are no follow-up ideas that would support the introduction of this article, I decided to just divert my attention in bringing back to life my blog which has been long gone in blogosphere, this blog is never updated for the last three weeks.

There, I made a few statements. This blog is updated. Bye Bye.

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