Sunday, September 30, 2012

Glow in the dark...

The title of this entry is not even related to my post. Far-fetched. My life could become such a boring pitiful life. But whose life isn't? we are all bored with our lives and sometimes we often convince ourselves that it's not even though it's obvious as it is. I did nothing but to sit on this couch since yesterday with my laptop in my right side, placed over a small elongated table. For a couple of months now, this pink computer has been my only true friend. 

While on this couch or sofa [since I'm not sure if what is the difference between the two and I don't intend to Google it and I don't care if you tagged me as dumb] I come to think of so many thoughts. Perhaps, one of them is a job, a good job. Other than that, I have thought about food; if chocolate cake tastes better than cookie monster or the other way around. Lastly, just like most of my thoughts these past few days, is the thought of having a girlfriend. It came to a point where my friends are making fun of me about not getting a relationship for a couple of years now.

As of this very moment, I'm still contemplating if this time is the perfect timing. How would I know? I always believe that there is something good in waiting but I guess that cliche is not for me because I'm always the impatient one, the one who is foolish and reckless. I'm the type of person who does things my way, my way and no other else.

On the other hand, I cannot really say that I am impatient. After all, I waited for love and ignored a couple of women and gays who had try their best to get noticed by me. Plus, more gays. I can still remember that on Friday, that's a day before the next before Sunday which is today, while making the fastest pace I could ever have done for an afternoon walk towards my class, a couple of students called me by my name. And I am not happy about that. I have to admit that I like women but not it [I have to use this pronoun because I'm not sure if which one is appropriate for them, what is the plural of it? Them. Yet them is not even appropriate].

One time, my gay classmate had asked me something greenish. It was greenish and it surely caught me off-guard but I told it that if only it is a girl, we could end up in a nearby lodging house for a short time. I was mean, of course. It never texted again.

The purpose of this post is to remind myself that I need to get that date next week. That's next week. Yes, for the first time since.... I can no longer remember, I am going to date someone seriously. Not just for a good time which I kept on doing for years. Not just to get a fling which I repetitiously do for the benefit of us two. This one is something, well, serious. I'm not sure.

The girl whom I am going to have a date with has been very hesitant for weeks. That I am like this or like that. That my face is not trustworthy and all. She doesn't believe me every time we exchange text messages. But whatever it is, our date is set. She has to, we had a bargain. I'll keep this thread updated. Asta Lavista!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Multi-tasking Me!

I am writing this blog while playing DotA while texting while studying for a final exam while editing features.

Why am I so good at multi-tasking at times? Apart from studying ‘nose-bleeding’ geology, I also have to edit this features article which was submitted to me passed midday Saturday. This article, like any articles for the special issue, is late. Plus my procrastinating editing, the more late this one can be. One of the reasons is that I cannot concentrate with the publication because I have a removal exam that was postponed to Monday. I need to pass that one in order for me to get rid of this subject Petrology.

The articles should have been edited by my higher eds by now if only I am not preoccupied by this subject. I am running a special report and at the same time editing this Features which are all vital for the publishing of this issue. That means if I am not done, there will be no special issue. Tomorrow is Sunday and the real reason behind the sudden closure of one of our colleges should be published a few days after tomorrow.

Jessie Nigeria Dolia will finish the report while Jela Gori and Cherry Demetillo had to collaborate to come up with a story. So there you go!


Wala Nang Masyadong Usapan...

At nalaman ko nalang na maliban sa pagkahilig ko sa babaeng mestisa, seksi, matalino at flirt ay mas nagkakagusto pa pala ako sa babaeng simple, matalino at mabait. Siguro nga ay may kagandahan at kabuluhang mangyayari kung malanding babae ang pag-uusapan. Teka. Yun na nga yun eh. Wala nang usapan. Wala nang masyadong usapang nangyayari.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pero char lang...

"Kung may talento ka, gamitin mo. Huwag kang umupo lang sa tabi at maghintay nang talent manager. Ipakita mo. Ipakita mo." - Kung sino man ang nagsulat nito, wala kang talento!

I would sit in front of a computer every early Saturday morning. It was not because I was fond of YouTube, movies or social networking sites (Well, Facebook had a part of it) but I was up for something to write. Apart from being always absent in class and investing all my academic years in playing badminton, I also wanted to write. And you know, impress my editors despite my lousy English and poor knowledge of the English grammar. In me was this confidence that I could be good at anything (except dancing and drawing. The impossibility for me to gain such a skill would be infinite). I learned though, creative writing/journalism. It was a skill that was not hard to master. It was a part of me. I was born with it. How easy it was for me to write anything. Anything. No sweat. BUT THAT WAS A YEAR AGO AND A FEW MORE YEARS BACK.

Now, I'm so lost. I don't know or can't think of anything to write. Juice(less). I'm tired, perhaps, with all the things that happen in the pub. I was disappointed and unheard. And no matter how much I try to come back to my pace  I can't. I don't know. It is such a shame for an editor, a writer before that. Every single time I write an article and it gets published,  I always fear that it would be my last one. That it would be the last juice of an arid jar. I need inspiration. I need someone to love. Awwwwwww!!!! Mao ra diay to akoang e-blog? What the heck!! Daghan pang draamaa!!!!