Friday, June 8, 2012

You were/are/will be always good to me.

I am happy. Just the thought of saying that I am happy is not enough. I was not able to edit the articles that were given to me earlier, nor had the first glance to any of them, because I am happy of my life that came from shit-I-am-not-going-graduate to is-this-for-real-that-I-will-graduate?-I-need-to-because-I-am-too-old-for-college.

When I was 7 years old, I was one of those little kids whose life was unsure about everything. I thought I would end up as a carpenter or a tapasahero (or a mamumunglay rather). I was one of those kids who skipped classes at a barangay elementary school located at a much uncivilized area with no electricity, no asphalted roads. We would wait at the muddy road for the dekarga truck to pass. When it did, I would hurriedly run after it and pull a single stick of sugarcane along with my yagit friends.

That school was one of the many elementary schools I had gone to. I had been to city, municipality, and barangay elementary and high schools, far from each other, just to get enrolled. My family loves to send me anywhere. I, too, had no option. I was never the complainer type of a kid.

I, too, had the idea that I was meant for something. I was never the kind of student who had to graduate without getting noticed around by everybody in all the schools that I had attended. I had something to do with math, science, writing, sports, big fights, rumble, tardiness, and skipping classes. Even until now in college. I didn’t ask for any of these.

But Lord, why are you so good to me? Just the other day, I was one of those college students who were very unsure about their future, unsure about their college graduation because they failed one of their major subjects, unsure about availing a scholarship because of the inconsistencies of their grades.

But then, out of all the stupid(ness) I have done, despite not going to church every Sunday, despite not being a prayerful nomad, despite my soul being rubbish, despite all the wrong things I have done, despite all my wrong decisions, you are here with me, always giving me a smooth sailing life.

I don’t have to ask if how were you able to make a failing grade a passing grade. I won’t ask you anymore how easy it was for me to get the scholarship. But hey, thank you for being there all along. I don’t deserve any of these I know. I am just too lucky I know. But you also know my intentions, and with that, you know what I deserve.


  1. you are not lucky ray. you are BLESSED. that's two different things. :)

    "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

  2. Lessons learned indeed!

    If you will again mess up your life with all those bogus characteristics and stupid perceptions, you will soon run out of blessings and die out of vanity.

    I am happy for this realization at least you found meaning of what life truly means.

    I am perhaps perceptive when talking about this subject, however there has always been way to change every perception.

    Go for it and never waste again the chance.


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