Monday, June 11, 2012

That's What I meant about RISKY...

I have this constant fear that if I accept the job awaiting for me there in Northernmost Luzon, I will not be able to marry on time or I will not be able to marry someone that will best suit my personality. I do not want to marry Ilongga or Igorota gals. I mean, I was born Bisaya so my bloodline should just remain the same.

But really, my thoughts are not just all about the marrying thingy. I am also thinking about the future. I am thinking about my job. There was this time when I was having my work in the underground that I realized something. Is this really the kind of job that I want? though the pay is good, the work itself is too risky. Will I be able to go on with this kind of job? I am sure that I will find find many opportunities after I get 2 or 3 years of experience.

But this job. Is this really for me?

And then, out of a sudden. I answered myself YES. I want this job. I will endure any emotional distractions. I will not miss anybody. I will preserve myself from any psychological disturbances. I want to build a house for my mom. I want to finance the studies of my sister. I want a home for us.

And lastly, about the marrying thingy. My doctor said that I really need to marry earlier than 30s, around 27 or 28. So with that, I will prepare myself. I want to become a better man for my wife. That means I will stop playing DOTA anytime soon. I will stop hitting on with random girls. I should pick a sport so as to make myself healthy.

My body, the one that was of a varsitarian years ago, the one that could outrun, outsmart, outclassed, outshone, all other smashers years ago is now deteriorating. All this body could ever do is to vomit every early morning because of Ulcer. I need to flesh out a bit. Zoom...

Lord, thank you so much. Maka-graduate najud ko!!! Magtarong ko para wala nay hagbong rung tuiga!!! Wooooooohhh!!!

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