Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mineralogist Kuno...

Once they have learned that they would be out for a while because the manager sent them to another area for community relations, Ms. Abby and Ms. Mitch, my bosses, asked me to teach some Mining Engineers from a university in Baguio some geology stuff.

So there we went to the rock library and I introduced to them the basic minerals found here in Mankayan District. I also shared to them the techniques on identifying these minerals and rocks. After that, I gave them an exam to test if they were really listening to me. 

They have got high scores though. I was happy about that.I tried my best to speak in Tagalog while using English as the medium of instruction. So bali, taglish ang ginamit ko kahapon. Haha. Para daw akong E-boy magsalita ng tagalog. Ano ang e-boy?


  1. parang e-boy? hahah. lul!! :D

    good job mister.

  2. Ry, ikaw na talaga, mag teacher ka na kasi, LOL.. Nice job man!..siyanga pala, para kang robot magsalita ng tagalog.. hehe yun ibig nilang sabihin..


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