Monday, April 16, 2012

Inya Nagan Mo...

"Inya nagan mo?" is the Ilocano translation of "what is your name?". Perhaps, my intention of getting to know better the vernacular of the locals here in Mankayan District is because of this one girl that is so pretty I want to know her name.

Though she did not appear to be a head-turner at first, adding that I could hardly notice her because I am not into gals as of this moment, her smiles came gradual and alluring. These things triggered my senses to finally discern that this gal is worth the watch every time she passes by.

Anyways, this post is really not entirely for the girl herself. I'll tell you something about this place that I'm currently residing. The company that I'm working with shouldered an apartment to its expenses. Aanhin mo naman ang malaki at libreng apartment kung walang tubig!!!

Enough of the apartment, the people here are warm and kind. They would try their best to speak in Tagalog to converse with me properly. They would offer me seat, especially in the Nayak Mine Office area where the Victoria Gold deposit is located. And they would call me 'Sir' but I would say that they don't have to  do that because I am still a student myself. But they would just forget about it and would 'Sir' me always. I let them be.

All of the female geologists here are very kind to me. They would give me snacks and milo. Woooh. And would offer me to use their computers. Another woohh. Their names are Ms. Mitch, Ms. Roma, and my soon-to-be-instructor Ms. Abby. I haven't seen Ms. Abby yet but Ms. Mitch said that she will report tomorrow in the geology office to teach me the things that they are doing.

My last two entries in this blog are very boring. I know that because every time I read my own posts I get bored myself. There is no essence of being a creative writer if you can't write anything creative and would give your readers a good read. But it's just that I am very busy at the moment. I would just type in the computer whatever idea that may come out in my under-construction brain. Better expect random topics in one entry.


  1. naks! parang nag eenjoy ka naman eh :)

    so, tell me, did you get her name?

    1. Yes, I got her name. But sad to say, she already has a boyfriend. Waaahhh. Hindi ko rin naman siya type eh...hahaha...Nagagandahan lang...

  2. Hi Ry, wow your course is really cool...remember the one you texted to us? on immediate hiring? I wish nag geo na rin ako...

    1. Yes Albert, immediate hiring. But there are still many companies to choose from after graduation.

      In my opinion, it's not about getting a job immediately or earning lucrative salaries. I think it's about going for what you like. You like biology. My case is the opposite.

      I love creative writing more that any other. Only if I'm filthy rich, I would have enrolled myself in BS Literature. But I need money, so Geology has become a passion in another sense.


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