Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mineralogist Kuno...

Once they have learned that they would be out for a while because the manager sent them to another area for community relations, Ms. Abby and Ms. Mitch, my bosses, asked me to teach some Mining Engineers from a university in Baguio some geology stuff.

So there we went to the rock library and I introduced to them the basic minerals found here in Mankayan District. I also shared to them the techniques on identifying these minerals and rocks. After that, I gave them an exam to test if they were really listening to me. 

They have got high scores though. I was happy about that.I tried my best to speak in Tagalog while using English as the medium of instruction. So bali, taglish ang ginamit ko kahapon. Haha. Para daw akong E-boy magsalita ng tagalog. Ano ang e-boy?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Time To Think...

With the gradual shining of the sun, a quarter before six o' clock in the morning, along with the cry of the rooster who had to enjoy itself sleeping at a bough of a tree whose moistened leaves of green covered the wondrous earthly creations from the windowpanes of the second storey of this apartment, I stood up from a deep slumber. I took my gray jacket which was hung just right above my head and threw it in.

It was a cold morning, just like the usual mornings ever since the first morning I woke up here in this far-flung area. I can not describe how cold it is here. All I know is that I need to wear a jacket all the time, whether at home or at work.

Tall trees hover the mountains, green plants flourish the hillsides, and rivers flow slowly at shallow depth. The locals are nice and friendly. The workplace, however, can be distinguished into two. First, the geology office here is nice and cool. I have got a computer to use whenever I want to. Secondly, the underground tunnel of which I fear the most, is dark, hot and low in oxygen. Just like a man who is buried six feet from the ground.

Of course, I look cool with all the helmet, boots, head flashlights and all the miner's gears on. At first, I did not enjoy the all day walking inside that tunnel. With the eerie silence, and the rats around, I have become immune to the words ├Żuck and ewww.

This is the real life. This is the real work. I don't encounter immature brats. This is an office. I am taught with new things, and at the same time given the chance to teach my fellow learners. I don't encounter selfish beings. People here are audacious but possess great intellect. I work professionally with others. I respect them, and at the same time, I gain some in return.

I was right all along. My personality is well-suited to a professional environment. I was meant for bigger things. I am hoping that when the school year commences, people there in the publication office are changed beings, not a bunch of clowns.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Inya Nagan Mo...

"Inya nagan mo?" is the Ilocano translation of "what is your name?". Perhaps, my intention of getting to know better the vernacular of the locals here in Mankayan District is because of this one girl that is so pretty I want to know her name.

Though she did not appear to be a head-turner at first, adding that I could hardly notice her because I am not into gals as of this moment, her smiles came gradual and alluring. These things triggered my senses to finally discern that this gal is worth the watch every time she passes by.

Anyways, this post is really not entirely for the girl herself. I'll tell you something about this place that I'm currently residing. The company that I'm working with shouldered an apartment to its expenses. Aanhin mo naman ang malaki at libreng apartment kung walang tubig!!!

Enough of the apartment, the people here are warm and kind. They would try their best to speak in Tagalog to converse with me properly. They would offer me seat, especially in the Nayak Mine Office area where the Victoria Gold deposit is located. And they would call me 'Sir' but I would say that they don't have to  do that because I am still a student myself. But they would just forget about it and would 'Sir' me always. I let them be.

All of the female geologists here are very kind to me. They would give me snacks and milo. Woooh. And would offer me to use their computers. Another woohh. Their names are Ms. Mitch, Ms. Roma, and my soon-to-be-instructor Ms. Abby. I haven't seen Ms. Abby yet but Ms. Mitch said that she will report tomorrow in the geology office to teach me the things that they are doing.

My last two entries in this blog are very boring. I know that because every time I read my own posts I get bored myself. There is no essence of being a creative writer if you can't write anything creative and would give your readers a good read. But it's just that I am very busy at the moment. I would just type in the computer whatever idea that may come out in my under-construction brain. Better expect random topics in one entry.

Saree na po

I am not the kind of person who is so fond of having friends. I can live my life alone without anyone with me in my entire life. I can move along the day without talking or perhaps even opening my mouth.

I am really such a mood-swinger and I like quiet places. I can’t stand a day being with somebody since I really hate it. I prefer to be alone.

The cigarettes I threw on the road after sipping all its nicotine is an evidence that I am making my life shorter. The bottle of alcohol in my side makes me wonder how life can be so beautiful when all I know is that is sucks!

How I wish they would just know that I only want to live because of my family. Since I am responsible for their sake, I need to be alive and I have to be firm.
I do not really care for others feelings but somehow I am situated in this place where my second family is blooming.

This family, composed of many different personalities, is my new source of laughter. Where I can make jokes, or else I can be the object of laughter by acting like a gay, and laugh out hard when there is something funny. It is so fun to be here.

But somehow there are people who are nice but often insensitive. Maybe the busy atmosphere of the office makes them so insensitive that sometimes they don’t listen or perhaps they don’t let you explain when you have done something wrong (a mistake that is not really a big deal).

I am always attentive when it comes to agreement or something alike and if I am not able to do it, maybe there is really a valid reason or valid reasons.
I do not want to feel like this. I am sad because someone is mad at me without considering what had happen.

I treat this new family of mine very well with all my sincerity because we always stick together in the office for the whole semester.

Though I am really heartless, bully and hot tempered, I am kind to them since they are nice to me as well and I will continue staying like this even if there are people who are insensitive.

I am really trying my best to befriend them and
I just want to say sorry for not being able to jog with you.
Hindi ko alam kung kailan ako huling umiyak.

Kagabi, ng ako'y naliligo at hawak hawak ang sabon sa aking mga kamay
ay bigla nalang may tumulo sa aking mga mata.

Kay lamig ng tubig, ngunit kay init ng aking katawan at hindi ko alam kung ano ang nangyayari.

Lumuha ako hindi lang isang beses, marami iyon.
Sa bawat luhang pumapatak sa sementong nabasa ng tubig ay hirap na hirap ako sa pagpigil ng aking mga luha.
May kung ano akong nais sabihin, pero walang nakikinig, walang gustong makinig.

Humagulhol ako ng malalim, pilit kung pinupunan ang hangin na nauubos sa aking
katawan. Wala akong nagawa kundi umiyak nalang talaga.
Bumaha ng luha sa aking mga mata habang ramdam ko ang sakit na matagal kung tinatago sa aking pagkatao.

Hindi ako naging isang mabuting anak.

Hindi ko alam kung ano ang nangyayari sa akin pero parang may gusto akong maramdaman na hindi ko na nalasap ng ilang taon.
Meron akong problema ngunit wala akong mapagsasabihan pagkat walang alam na may problema ako.

Hindi ko rin alam kung problema ba talaga ang dahilan kung bakit ako umiiyak.
Pero sa katagalan ay nalaman ko na rin ang dahilan.

Ako ang problema, ako ang nagkasala, hindi ako naging isang mabuting anak.

Mama, patawarin mo ako pagkat ngayon ay daha dahan ng nawawala ang direksiyon ng buhay ko.

Forgive me friend (I'm talking to you. Yes, you are)

I admit that I am not good in terms on making my friends to stay longer in the circle. My teachers in different secondary schools would always tell me that I am a "test" to my friends. A test, meaning that I am a sort of qualifying exam that people need to pass to figure out who can stay when there's no reason to stay at all for a jerk like me.

Because I am a person having multiple-personalities (not the psycho-weirdo thing) that changes every time I walked in to a place and to the next one, my personalty also changes to suit into the crowd.

When I am at home or at a residential place (don't have one) I am a bully piece of dirt that my "ka-tropa" really has to be courteous when I'm around. I admire them because they respect me a lot and often call me "bossing gud ka dire". They knew that I am a mood-swinger and that I usually have mood swings every time I enter the room.

I even don't understand myself. When I am in the office I am surely becoming a funny noisy geek that I can take hard jokes for granted (wala ra..). But, sometimes I would forget that I'm inside TN and when someone moves a quick joke on me I would just shut my mouth and keep silent for a while and wait for a couple of seconds until I can bounce back a joke..

I am not really used when someone makes fun of me but I guess I was the one who gave them the impression that I am a happy-go-along person and that I can handle temper-loosing jokes.

Honestly, the office is the only place where I can smile and laugh out loud until I get tired. The place where I talk so much and do stupid silly things beyond my control..

But, It is much better that way. I don't want them to know me as a hot-tempered no-earth citizen which I usually do all the time in my boarding house. I really hate noisy people that's why I always kick and slam the doors of anyone who makes noise when I am asleep.

Or if someone would gave me a half meant joke when I am in the bad mood (you bet I am always in the bad mood), then the war is near and I'm ready to launch my dynamo fist. I only respect a few people and these are the ones whom I call kuya and ate.

When I call someone's name or when I say Hi! or hello! that means I am really trying hard to greet you guys because I never greet anybody. I am nice, and pretend to be a stupidly gayish shrek because I am learning to situate myself to a daily routine with all of you in my everyday life cycle.

I want to mark your heads that I am easy-to-be-with though I'm really not. See? I am very irritating most of the times and I love to irritate people. I so love it when someone holds anger at me without a deep reason because it will really show how poor the socializing skills they have.

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Rohan Online - I am a Pure Vit Sage Dragon Fighter

Dekan Dragon Fighters are nearly incomprehensible, these changelings defy nature. Dekans are born with the nascent ability to transform from humanoid to a fiercely violent dragon! In deciding which one is better, just ask yourself where you want to use your Dekan Dragon Fighters.

* Dragon Knight – They evolve more quickly in the form of dragon rather than humanoid, and employ a unique bloodsucking skill to weaken opponents.
* Dragon Sage – Specialized hunters that can attack large areas at once. Pray you do not cross them underwater.

If you choose the humanoid Dragon Sage over Dragon Knight, follow the Dekan Sage Skill Build guide after the jump…

Dekan Sage Skill Build

This Skill Build Guide is made by her01337 of Rohan Forums. All credit belongs to him. For further discussion, check out the link to the forum link.

The stat build for Pure Vit Dekan Sage is to add 4 vit every level.

Dragon Fighter:

1 Darkness
1 Taunt
5 Dragons Power
1 Health to Mana
5 ForeFootSwing
5 Health Funnel
1 Dragons Tail
1 Zhen Counter
2/5 Dragons Skin

Dragon Sage:

5 Zhen Mastery
5 Critical Immunity
2 Extricate
5 Evolve
5 Suction
1/5 Mantle
5 Forced Lock (Optional)
5 Flow
5 Splitter
5 Impenetrable
5 Fast Shadow
5 Full Blown Attack ( I believe? )
5 Dragons Wing

Sunday, April 15, 2012

How to kill INSENSITIVE people in a blog post...

Why is it that many people are making LAWS and RULES just for their own gain?

I witnessed several scenarios in mankind that involved this kind of parasitic behaviorI would like to KILL some INSENSITIVE people in this post.

It can be noted that a few months ago the Board has decided to not let the staff open their Face Book and other social networking accounts for some significant reasons.

First, so that the Staff can focus on their work.
Second, to detach themselves from distraction.
Third, to consume office hours sole-fully in good-work.
Fourth, to maintain a PEACEFUL working environment
Fifth, to establish teamwork among other co-staffers.
Sixth, to publish weekly?

Again, I am writing this post not because I am a coward but because I do not want to argue with people who are not in level with my I.Q.
If they will argue with me, I know I can shut their mouth up just like the last time.

Moreover, I am a Sole Noblesse. I need to handle situations with Class and Dignity.

Here are my arguments:

We are prohibited to use social networking sites because of the reason stated above, but why is it that there are some people who are playing other games during office hours? Is not it an act of altering the law?

Why is it that there are people who are TOO noisy while playing?
Is not it an act of tearing down the Peace And Order Rule in the Office?

Why is it that some people are singing so LOUD that they are already making the STUPIDIST NOISE ever?

Aren't they aware that we are not their audience? and that we do not understand what the hell they are saying?

Ouch(ness) and Numbness

Once they have learned that I was inside the dim-lit geology room, they came at me, advancing too fast that I didn't even realize I was already hit in the face. I was surprised. I might just consider it the best valentines day ever. I mean, ever.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

So There I went to Far South-East

"Fortune favors the Audacious" Desiderius Erasmus

A liter of light is at the other end of the tunnel. I’m not really sure with that ‘hope of light’ for no one knows the location of the other end of the tunnel that I was walking through for the last three days. I had to walk braided tunnels below 450 meters from the ground, 700 meters above sea level. But light should be yellow or something closer to the color of the sun.

You see, I’m here in the Far South-Eastern part of the country Philippines, about a few tens of kilometers from Baguio City, the summer capital of the Philippines. However, it’s just that I’m not having a good time here simply because I’m not having some goody-goody vacation in this far-flung area where most of the ethnic and primitive people reside. I’m kinda working here, well, sort of. It’s my OJT actually (On the Job Training). This is also the reason why I was not able to post entries here lately.

So, there you go. I’m at the office right now. Two female Junior Geologists here allowed me to use this computer with, at last, internet connection. I’ll post something good here tomorrow Sunday. With pictures of me and the miners? YES. Bye. Have a good day.