Saturday, March 17, 2012

All of a Sudden...

A few days ago, I became very much excited about my OJT that I hurriedly and immediately worked on the documents/Identifications that the Lepanto Mining Incorporated is requiring. There goes my Barangay Clearance, Birth Certificate, Police Clearance, Medical Clearance, and others which are very much needed with my training in Baguio Philippines! Isn't that cool? I mean, literally cool because it's cold there.

Oh, I forgot to mention that it is one of the three biggest mining corporations here in the country ( Lepanto makes a big deal of money in our income tax return every year). Then after that, I went to the bank to open my nth savings account. When suddenly:

Bank Personnel: You don't have a middle name, why did you put a M.I. here?
Me: Pardon?
Bank Personnel: Look at your birth certificate. It states here that you don't have a middle name. That means you only need to put your name and surname or else I won't allow you to open a savings account in this firm.
Me: I'm sorry Ma'am. I didn't know. Let me erase and correct the documents.

I was really sad. It was like "Mom! Dad! What the hell were you thinking when you were there in the hospital? Don't you know that I need a middle name? I want to hit your faces one after the other, back to back!"

My world fell apart in a brief period of time. All of life's loneliness, and miseries of living alone since first grade have resurfaced. Mom and Dad are pieces of jerks. That's the problem when you are not ready to raise a child. And since my birth was unexpected, they must be so worried and rattled, that they forgot to write a Middle Name in my birth certificate. Mom and Dad were irresponsible back then. My Birth Certificate shows that. I'm now having problems with my academic documents since I am using a complete name with an 'E' in the middle for all these years.


  1. haha! chill dude! I mean, hey! yeah, that sucks. sorry to hear that :(

    I hope things will turn out okay though :)

  2. I can't say that it's okay, cause it's not. hopefully soon, it's gonna be fixed. God has many good plans for you, and I know that ^_^

  3. cool dude, ipa-notary publiko ra na ai, middle name ra bitaw ra, just prepare some amount for that to be fixed though.

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  5. haha . .c jessie ray bahala sa gasto ry . .middle name ra btaw ra . .ra?????


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