Monday, February 13, 2012

Pepen says It's Quaky

"Spirited Away tonight," was the reply of my friend when I asked her if which one of Hayao Miyazaki's animated films would air that Saturday evening.

As soon as I've learned about that, knowing that I only have five minutes left before the movie begins, I hurried upstairs and awoke all of my nephews and cousins who have already slumbered the night away.

It took me some time to wake them up because there were six of them, but I did it anyway. So there in the Sala we watched the adventure of Jahiro, a mortal, and Haku, a mythical dragon of the Haku river. I also need to mention my uncles and my older cousins who complained when I switch the channel to Disney while they were watching an action movie. I told them that I rarely watch TV shows, and the last time I saw a film aired on TV was on December last year.

Suddenly, Mami Merlin, sister of my father, went downstairs. Held in her arms was Pepen, my nephew, her apo. "Di ko nahan tulog taas. Linog! (I don't want to sleep upstairs because it's gonna quake)" three-year old Pepen cried. "Lantaw lang ta TV pen (Let's just watch TV Pepen)," I told him, smiling, readying my arms if ever he wanted to come over me.

But he did not. Instead he wanted to sleep in the sofa with her Lola. Leaving us no other choice but to turn off the television. Pepen spoiled the fun. And again, for the second time that night, we slumbered the night away.


  1. ay. wala diay ninyo nahuman ang movie? :D ka nice ra ba unta.

    it ended at 12 midnight nah. :D but it was so sulit that Bon2 kept on talking about it until now.

  2. Sayang naman. Pepen must have really been afraid of quake {earthquake I guess}.

  3. Seems like you have a happy home with a lot of cute kids :)Penpen seems mature and cute at the same time.


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