Friday, February 10, 2012

I Hope They Fail...

"Ang hiling ko lang ngayong valentine's day ay sana wala nang mga walang kwentang estudyante sa mundo. Sana ma-fail silang lahat para mabawasan naman ang mga bobo sa classroom."

I really want to curse right now. I really want to say all the awful and profane words that I've learned since grade one. It is already past midnight and here I am, fully awake, like a zombie whose hands are freezing due to evening chills. I am making a report in one of my major subjects. I'm a Geology student by the way. And this report, this scientific report that is supposedly a group report, is only written by me, me alone.

And my group-mates? They must have been sleeping right now like Snow White (Is she the cartoon character that slept over a decade? I'm not sure. Correct me please.) restoring all their  energy for tomorrow's activity. I mean, today. Because you know why? This 3:30 A.M., yeah right, three hours from now, we will be having our Field Study at the hinterlands of Mabinay, Negros Oriental. Isn't that great? We will be walking all day long, tracing rocks, sampling soils, mapping the area, and worse? a lecture under the heat of the sun.

If only this is an essay, or shortstory or anything that is related to Literature, this must have been chicken, but NO. I can write anything, but please not a scientific report that is due three hours from now. I am a writer but I am not a scientific writer.

I am still writing the introduction. Eleven pages to go. Three hours? I just need patience right now. I hope, I hope, I hope that my group-mates will fail in this subject. That will give me a peace of mind. Please please...


  1. That is not Snow White. She is Sleeping Beauty. Yes, I hope they fail.

  2. hahaha. ing-ana jud ang feeling basta genius ka. :D kulang tulog, murag zombie, walay sukad. eheheh.

    and it was sleeping beauty nga natulog for over a decade noh. haha.

  3. heheh.yeah for the third time, it was sleeping beauty.. :)


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