Monday, February 20, 2012

I Hate You Pa... (Just A Bit Though)

I rarely see him, my father. Once a year, perhaps. (Once every two years to extreme the rarity.) I was actually excited about meeting him that I needed to leave my instructor and my geology classmates while trekking the hinterlands of Negros Oriental.

I was dirty and all. Name it. Mud stains all over my shirt. I soiled my pants. The bus passengers, no doubt, must have concluded that I was a hinterland boy going down to the more civilized town to buy some goods. I sat on the center aisle of the bus because there were no longer vacant seats. Everyone looked at me.

When I got off the bus, I saw him directly, sitting in a chair along with my uncles and cousins. He, too, saw me, and looked at me for a brief period of time. When I say brief, it means three seconds. He smiled, a bit. That's all. No words at all. I wanted to kick him. Nevertheless I was happy because I saw my grandpa. I haven't seen him for a while since he remarried. I wanted to kick him, too, when I have learned that he'd marry another woman. I hope he still remembers my Lola who now resides in heaven.

The helper of the house offered me something to eat. I chewed the meat like bubble gum because it was not properly steamed-cook. Father, on the other hand, sat beside me and ask me this lame question: "Nus-a ka uli yan? (Ryan, when are you going home?)" I just arrived and you want me to go home right away. Damn you! I wanted to tell him. But I didn't. Instead I answered him politely.

Father is tall, a six-footer. My cousins are all tall, too. They range from five-foot nine to six-foot four. I am the smallest, not to mention the thinnest. But my father and I almost look the same. He has a   mole on the left outer-lining of his nose. Fair-skinned, a bit chinito. It's just that he is the silent type while me, on the other hand, is not really that silent. He is also a Chick Boy, the certified one. Me? I like women. Just that.

He is my father. I like him that way. :)


  1. I really don't know what to say. Maybe your dad is a bit shy or it feels awkward for him since you rarely see each other, that's why he doesn't know what to say.

    I hope you could patch things up.

  2. Me? I like women. - hahaha

    share lang. dati nagkaroon ng confession during the retreat sa youth. tapos sinabi ko kay father hindi kami close ni papa, ilang, ganun. Advise niya ako yung mag-approach since nakakaintindi na ko. Then after one year, bumalik ako kay father at super nagthank you ako sa kanya. Kasi simula nun naging open na ko kay papa at siya din sa akin. yun lang


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