Monday, January 16, 2012

Wacky Midnight Thoughts

The man is the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes...

I tried my best to sleep. I buried my head in the pillow for an hour, and in the next few minutes, I tilted my head one-hundred eighty degrees and faced the upper deck of my bed. The lights were out and nothing here made noise except the monotonous whirling of the electric fan.

I grabbed the laptop of my roommate and has decided to write about the things that make me unable to sleep. I have many reasons why I can't sleep. I have thoughts that make me a zombie. Sometimes, I wonder if this has something to do with any negative psychological behavior. Sometimes, I wonder if I am half vampire or if not, half Lycan. Things like those can hardly sleep at night. I mean, they literally don't.

Throughout the years, I have formulated bizarre habits on nights when I can't sleep. Habits that would give anyone the impression that I am crazy or simply just a jerk. First, I'd open my eyes and think of marriage, and if ever it is possible to  get married at the age of twenty seven, or if the girl that I am marrying to is still available at that time. With this, I'd think if she and mom would become good friends, but I am very optimistic that the two of them will click. My mom is nice and for sure my wife would be as nice as her.

Second, I'd think about building a house, and how big or small it should be and what colors should I choose to paint the walls. Should I hire artists to paint mural arts in it? Third, I'd think about my mom and would ask myself if I can still afford a new house for her and my sister in the future. Fourth, I'd convince myself that I shall buy my wife a car for her own safety; I'll give it to her as a birthday gift.

Then, after all those wacky thoughts are gone, and if I am still unable to sleep, I would stand up and face the mirror. I would stand there for a while and appreciate all the wonderful things in it. HAHAHA. Once the self-loving is done, I would raise my two hands and start doing shadow boxing. BANG BANG BANG. I'll watch myself in the mirror again. Then, shadow boxing. Mirror. Shadow boxing. Until I get tired. I've done all those things a while ago. I'm tired so I gotta sleep now. zZzZzzzZzzZZ....


  1. wow! galante, car ireregalo sa wifey.. hehe! natawa ako sa story mo ang hirap talaga pag di makatulog..

  2. Hahaha. Ganyan din ako, yung akin naman lahat ng mangyayari for the other day maiisip ko. Or if there's an occasion na padating iniisip ko na lahat ng mangyayari until makatulog ako. Kapag sleepless nights lagi ko binubulong "hey zombie night will you please let me sleep with the plans tonight?" kaya natawa ako nun nabanggit yung zombie ek ek. Relax ka lang bro, try mo din minsan kausapin si Bro :) Di mo mapapansin makakatulog kana. hehe


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