Monday, January 2, 2012

Pepen and Buknoy

Two little monsters were watching at me as I behaved myself in the sofa, watching television. The TV show was Disney's Tangled and though I have watched it a couple of times already, I still love it. I like the crazy version of Rapunzel and her out-of-this-world prince charming who has a heart of a culprit.

Pepen and Buknoy, sons of my two cousins Marigen and Ralph, both three years old or so, are the two little monsters that I am referring to. They are my cute little nephews who live with their grandmother at Manjuyod , Negros Oriental. That means their Lola raised them since they were infants because their parents need to work abroad.

Here they go. 

(Left is Buknoy. Right is Pepen)

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