Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Mad Clown

Once in a while, I have sent a series of group messages to some of my friends on first week January. Here's one of those messages:  The church is where the holy spirit is. It still is. People are not all  alike, and all churches are not alike. But there will be one somewhere near you to suit your temperament. Like a tree planted by the rivers of water.

So, that's the message. And here's what they had to say about it.

Friend # 1: Who is this? Ryan? Is this you?
Friend # 2: Yawa! Ikaw ni ry? (Holy Shit! is this you Ryan?)
Friend # 3: Mutuo pud diay kag Ginoo Ry? (I didn't know you believe in God Ryan)
Friend # 4: In Jesus Name! Na-demonyohon ka bai? ( Are you demon-possessed?)
Friend # 5: Kuya Ry? Ikaw ba 'to? Parang hindi eh.
Friend # 6: Ga.GM xa bai!
Friend # 7: Asa ka tig-simba Ry?
Friend # 8: ......................................
Friend # 9: O hindi....
Friend # 10: year's resolution?
Friend # 11: What the fuck! Hahahah
Friend # 12: Hahahaha...Dili bagay.. Undangi bi...

It didn't end there. I, for an instance, became the laughing stock of the market. It became an issue at dinner time with my DotA friends. It also became an issue in the office last night. Lesson learned. If you want to initiate changes around you, make it a subtle one. That no one will ever notice.

The message was not intended to be a joke. It was a test. Then, I was right. I did expect these reactions from them. When I got into my bed, I asked myself, "Am I really that bad?" Well well, it's fine. I gave them a good time anyways, something to laugh about.


  1. When you get older, you will realize that the people who do not welcome change in you are the closest to you.

  2. wa ko ka react ani nga gm dah. but i smiled, and thought that everyone has enough goodness in them. ^_^

  3. if ever we're old time friends ganito din siguro reaction ko. But i'll be happy then. Spiritual messages are not only for saints, but also for the sinners, so they say. hehe. Keep your faith. Ganito na talaga ang panahon ngayon, if someone find you're holy masshock talaga sila, you'll be tag as "imba" but later on dapat marealize natin na "we should desire what pleases the lord". share lang. hehe


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