Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ang Pagligo, Baw!

In all of the days of my being a student, the hardest time of those, assuming that everyone has the same perception with mine, is when you need to take a bath every time you go to school because it is a must that you look fresh and neat, at least. And if you don't, each of your friends will start to tease you on how smelly and dry you can get, eventhough you are definitely not.

Really, I think that's just too inhuman. And the worse scenario? is when you tried all your best to look fresh and clean, that includes almost an hour in the shower, minutes of scrubbing, shampooing and soaping, and still, when you enter the office or the classroom, the first question  to ask will be, "Ryan, did you take a bath?"

Taking a bath is one of the things that I usually forget, not that I have memory gap or something close to that, concerning that I was a teenager a year ago. But really, a single, tiny droplet of water falling down to my skin on an early morning bath sends chill all over my body. In an instant, it would make me regret that I decided to take a bath, leaving me freezing on a particular spot inside the bathroom, like a statuesque whose eyes are focused on the rushing yet silent water.

When I was young, my mom taught me a technique that whenever I find bathing difficult I can use to. She would grabbed my arm and tell me that I'd be ugly if I don't take a bath. That I would smell really really bad and my teachers would dislike me.

She would pick up the kambo from the balde , half filled with water, while me beside her would start to becoming numb, readying myself for the war of the waters. With the thought that she would pour all the water upon me, I'd hugged myself and close my eyes, hoping that she'd be gentle with the water, soaping, and shampooing.

But instead of pouring it all over my head, she would raise my right arm while her right hand soaked in the kambo. In a while, she would sprinkle a handful of water to my kili-kili (armpit). Then, I'd be happy knowing that my body was finally ready for the bathing.


  1. koreans kuno do not take a bath daily?

  2. i was surfing on the net, then google brought me to this page ^^

    nkakarelate much din ako sa torture na dulot ng taking-a-bath-daily kaya what I do, I sabon all over my body first without getting wet..lels... panghuli na yung 3-kambos-of-water.

    BDW, ur blog's heading is sOoo funnie ^_^


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