Monday, December 31, 2012

Home Alone (nth time)

My sister left me. Two of my older cousins left me, too. The kids here left me. That means I am alone this New Year, the same scenario that is happening for the last fourteen years. Everyone just disappear. Everyone just want to spend the holiday season somewhere else and not with their family. 

Had I learned earlier about their going I could have gone somewhere first, somewhere where? That is a very difficult question you see. I have a midterm exam on January 2 and I had the PDFs printed yesterday. I reviewed my notes, just a few pages actually. So, having a short vacation is not part of the plan.

I want to call her. THE HER. But I was hesitant so I just sent her a smiley, just a smiley. No words. No special message, just an emoticon. LOL. She didn't even reply. How could I be so damn obvious! Holiday delicious ham, spaghetti and coke were my dinner.

Happy New Year folks!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Marquez planned Pacquaio's loss

It was a strategy. It was planned. What people saw as an unbelievable lucky knock-out punch by Marquez was a counter-attack that was years in the making.

The rivalry between these two great fighters erupted eight years ago. While the Saranggani politician was too busy in his career that includes endorsing products, singing, acting and working in the legislative, his Mexican counter part, on his long training days, was carefully planning his sweetest revenge.

When Pacman fell on the floor, facing the canvass, people in the entire world who were watching became silent out of disbelief. After all, he was The Manny Pacquaio. He was never seen so helpless in his international fights, not until Marquez made him 'sleeping beauty' in the ring.

Did Pacman make a mistake? Was he too greedy? Was he too offensive? No, that is his natural fighting style. What we saw in his very recent fight with Juan Manuel Marquez was the Manny Pacquiao of two or three years ago. He was a natural offensive boxer, a formidable K.O. artist.

That is why he was dubbed as the most exciting boxer in the world. In every fight, there is no second that he stops moving to look for an opening. While these are Pacman's strongest assets - speed, power, offense and reflex, these also became his weakness. Marquez used these strengths to turn against him.

On the sixth round, Marquez waited for that one-two combination of Pacman as he always does in the previous rounds. And He succeeded. There is no luck in there. This is professional boxing. This is not a game of luck.

Just like in Basketball, every play is carefully thought of, every play is practiced so many times that players instinctively run to their assigned spots in the court to do what they are tasked to do.

For Manny Pacquiao, Sir I am a big fan of yours. Not because you are a Filipino (because I don't give a damn about nationalism). It is because you are a great fighter. No fighter in the world that could make me dream of being a boxer. I always love to hit people. Haha. I always wanted to box but because of my injured right hand, I had to shift to another sport Badminton.

Sir, you need to fight again. I encourage you to fight again and forget about your defeat. Next year, come back to the ring and destroy the face of Bradley. Go for a fifth match against Marquez, break his nose again Sir. I want you to use the same offensive fighting style but careful enough to watch over his counter punches.

Then after you do all these, PLEASE PLEASE. I BEG YOU. FUCK the face of MAYWEATHER. Destroy him and just put an end to his 'sissy' mouth.

Then, finally. After you retire, just please find JUSTIN BIEBER and HIT HIM for me, will you? He is a one stupid son of a bitch I want to barbecue him alive. Thank you.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Blog it on!

By Ryan E. Gantalao

When the pen and the paper came into existence, the diary was born ─ our old man’s compilation of daily experiences compiled into a leather-bound notebook. When the computer and the internet were invented, diarists and even normal people who love to write rejoiced, because they have found a more secure and an on-the-go modern-day diary that doesn't require much of an effort in keeping their thoughts in secret. Not to mention that they can enable it for public viewing and make the world as their audience.

So, what’s a blog and what’s blogging anyways? For those who are still not aware about this new innovation, a blog is a live journal or a personal online diary which allows the user to share their thoughts, ideals, daily experiences, photos, music, and even videos. While blogging is the act of adding contents on a blog, the same way as when a blogger, a person who owns a blog site and is active, comments on other else’s blogs.

Is there anything to write about? Of course there is. As a matter of fact, there’s a whole lot more to write than by just sharing your daily experiences, in which most of you find boring. You can write a review of your favorite book, song or the latest movie that you have watched. You can even write about your love story ─ you know what I mean, the time when you and your boyfriend/girlfriend met for the first time and how you two found your way into love ─ and let the world read your tale of romance.

Not just that. In blogging, you are able to express your stress factors and emotions, one way of improving a person’s physical and emotional state. According to a research conducted by James Baker & Susan Moore, which was published in the journal Cyber psychology& Behavior in 2008, “Higher levels of social integration suggest that bloggers feel greater belonging to a group of like-minded people with interests and ways of thinking similar to their own.”

Blogging is a nice way of releasing the inner emotions that you have, especially if you don’t have someone as an outlet for those emotions. It is a medium of expression of which most people of today use so that they can share their day to day life experiences. In other words, blogging is a modern diary in live journal protocol that enables other bloggers or internet goers to come across your blog and read your blog entries.

It provides an individual with positive interactions, and social support and friendship, thus, bringing like-minded people together. Blog authors can express subject matters that make life difficult. In this way, habitual social interaction thru blogging can reduce social isolation and emotional stress.

Getting yourself started

Within the past 10 years, there are a couple of blog hosting sites that have branded their own name in the blogging industry. These companies include,,, and The good thing about these blog hosting sites is that they host your blog sites for free, and they also provide you with a free blogging platform which has its own blogger settings and tools that enables the user to maximize his/her blogging experience.

Here in the Philippines, the most common blogging platforms that are being used are and However, I suggest because all of their tools are absolutely for free, that includes editing the design of your blog site and adding of cool widgets, unlike inwhich you are only limited to a few customization options unless you purchase a domain, which costs 4-5 dollars a month, adding up the hassle in installing WP platform that needs a bit of website administrator skills in managing the site.

All you need before signing up in is a gmail account. Well, if you don’t have one then you need to register at gmail for free. After that, you go to and fill in the information that they require in getting your blog started.

From there you can start exploring the world of blogging, and can try new trends and design for your blog. You can go to or for free blog templates designs. Then after that, you are on the way in making your very first blog entry! You need to take not that you are the author of your blog and your entries should either be boring or interesting. Well, you decide since it’s your blog anyways.

In a way, you can also choose a theme for your blog. It can be humorous, scientific, sports, fashion, love, entertainment, personal or just a general blog, like mine where I usually post entries that are ‘nonsense’, so to speak. But you know, people will love your blog if you have the same interest with them. With this, the chance for you to develop your social activity online is big, and meeting different kinds of people from different parts of the globe is possible.

Why Should I blog?

There are many reasons why a person should blog. Apart from expressing your thoughts and opinions, blogging, throughout the last decade, has transformed into a medium of social media. In other words, blogging is a form of citizen journalism. That means you are not only limited in expressing your thoughts and opinions with regards to your day to day experiences but can also participate on province-wide or nationwide issues that affects a larger number of people.

The thing is, your blog is your own voice. When you feel that you are being oppressed or unheard or just plain sad, you can write about it directly in your blog and just feel happy about it upon doing the act. It is your own personal views on how you see the world around you. There is much in blogging than what your Facebook, Twitter, and Plurk accounts can do, that includes the unlimited number of characters you can use in every post.

There are no rules in blogging, thus, you can write whatever you want. You just need to make sure that you are writing under the proper ethics of being a blogger, especially when you are writing about delicate issues. Through blogging, you can make a difference to a larger number of people who are unaware of what’s really happening around them. You can become there source of new information and knowledge.

Another reason why people should blog is because there is money in blogging. You heard it right, there is money in blogging and this comes from writing reviews about a certain product that are being introduced online. You can check on it on Google. There are many companies out there which pays bloggers in writing product reviews, or what they call as pay-per-post.

There you go. I hope this article will encourage you to start your own blogging hobby. You need to bear in mind that there is always something to write about, and you don’t need to be a famous writer to be able to write. You can be a writer in your own rights. All you need to do is to find time in writing, and add your thoughts in your blog after a tiresome day.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Diplomacy won’t work

A matter-of-factly, China is not only bullying Philippines but also other members of the ASEAN. ASEAN countries like Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, and the Philippines, are contesting other territorial domains in South China Sea (West Philippine Sea). This time, diplomacy will never work. The dispute among territorial domains aroused three decades ago when China claimed ownership of the said maritime territories without the approval of its neighboring nations.

China will never stop bullying third world countries unless they get what they want. They will never take diplomacy as means of getting the issue fixed. China has always been the ‘hard-headed’ of all the ASEAN nations. A couple of years ago, to settle maritime disputes, the United Nations Convention proposed to all ASEAN countries the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea and the UN Law of the Sea. All agreed except China. Moreover, the said country has already given its statement that they will not recognize the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice so as diplomat talks.

US has currently made a statement that in order to come up with a positive conclusion of the issue, all affected ASEAN countries should make one stand. The maritime issues of today, if not addressed thoroughly, might affect the relationship of all Asian countries in the future. The Philippines has done so, during a very recent ASEAN Convention, a statement was to be addressed in the said conference that is related to the maritime disputes in the region. Unfortunately, Cambodian delegates blocked the proposition, thus, Philippines was never heard again. Cambodia is the chair of ASEAN and a known ally of China.

“China is, to put it bluntly, a gorilla…We are mosquitoes and China is a dragon. Mosquitoes just buzz around your ear, you slap them and they’re dead… We cannot engage its economy.  We cannot engage in an arms race with (the Chinese). If we lack the power, then we use our brains.” This is the solution given by Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago over the territorial disputes of Panatag Shoal and Spratlys Island between ‘mosquito’ Philippines and ‘giant dragon’ China.

We need help from our Western Allies: United States of America, Australia, Europe, and other powerful Asian countries like Singapore, Japan, and South Korea.  “You don’t want to give China power over a … maritime territory that represents 10 percent of the fisheries catch of the entire world, in the sea lane where half of world’s tonnage passes.”

U.S. and our country have a Mutual Defense Treaty. US will rescue the Philippines once an external attack by a foreign country is confirmed. Moreover, there is a pending Mutual Defense Treaty in the Senate between the Philippines and Australia. We need to get that. That is our only chance of surviving the bullying of China. That is the reason why China did not attack Philippine vessels in a recent encounter when our patrolling marine officers arrested Chinese citizens fishing inside our territory. That is also the reason why China only puts paramilitary vessels in the said marine area instead of war ships. Western countries need something from us. We are oozing with natural resources. They will protect us. WE ARE BIG BECAUSE WE HAVE ALLIES.

‘Blind eye’

Seriously, if I have 4.8 million pesos in my bank account, I am going to spend my semestral break in Boracay. I will buy a house and lot near the beach or perhaps a second-hand Ferrari car. Four point eight million pesos with nine zeros. That is a lot of money. But that is not too big for a state university which has a population bigger than 15,000.
The university has traded a thousand dreams for a blue, lifeless mechanical luxury. This was the belief of most students and parents after the only state university in the province has decided to officially close its maritime course offerings not so late in September this year. The news itself was devastating. But not really devastating at all since the university has purchased a 4.6-million bus before the closure was announced.

Why was the new NORSU bus a big issue for the parents whose sons can no longer continue their maritime education here in the university? CHED declared its closure because the school failed to comply with their requirements. I mean equipment and qualified teachers. The parents believed that the school was not responsible enough for the welfare of its students. It was their initial reaction for the issue. Who can blame them anyway? They worked hard, to send their sons to college only to find out later on that the university who promised to fulfill their dreams had no choice but to fail them, to sink their boat, to break the hearts of a thousand CME students.

Transferring to another school sounds easy, sounds good. But for a parent whose job is only to sell goods at the canteen, to drive a pedicab, and to do whatever they can to have an income, that is just financially hard. No nearby state university can offer a maritime education as cheap as NORSU.

The former university president said that NORSU is business, that spending the funds wisely will ensure a good future for a starting business. With this, he is able to turn a rusty vocational school into a university. I believed in him. Why invest millions if you cannot get something in return, right?

Then I came to realize. Did he mean that the new NORSU bus is a good investment? Did he mean that the new buildings inside the university are good investments? For display, yes. But for the students who lost their chance to attain a college education because the school failed to meet the requirements of the government, the future has again become too distant. Something is wrong with us, with our system. Let us not compromise the welfare of the students next time.

Is it possible that instead of the bus, the school should have spent the 4.6 million for academic purposes? Invite qualified teachers to teach in CME and other academic programs who lack qualified instructors. If they refuse to teach because of the modest salary, let us give them free lodging, food, and transportation every time they come here. This investment is not as bad as the multi-million worth of stagnant vehicle in display which will later on rust, and if the driver is not too careful enough or if fate permits, will scatter into pieces below the cliffs of Sipalay, Negros Occidental.

The United States made a statement that Philippine seafarers are on the “white list.” This means that we are doing well abroad. We Filipinos comprise the largest population of seafarers in the world.

Shall this be the time that the NORSU administration focus more on academic programs that are in demand in numerous industries and stop giving a ‘blind eye’ to our needs?

You should know that I am a student majoring in Geology, a very demanding job in the mining industry today. But not even once I was able to hold the arm or to peek at the eyepiece of a polarizing microscope here in the university. I was able to experience one during my on-the-job-training but I can hardly recall how to use it because I did not grow up with such kind of equipment here. And oh, it is just worth more or less 200,000. Two hundred plus geology students would be happy to have that.

The E-martial law

As soon as possible, I suggest that you download as many torrent files/free downloads as you can while supplies last because once the new cybercrime law reaches the peak of its demands to the netizens (citizens of the internet) of the Republic of the Philippines, it is going to be too late and you will run out of internet freedom. Unfortunately, latest movies, songs in the hit chart, games, and reference files will no longer be available for downloads in the internet. Even though this idea is just an initial assumption of some concerned citizens, this is likely to be true because the said cyber law is derived from an international law which prohibits websites from hosting movies, songs, software, and electronic files with legal patents or copyrights.

Perhaps the law itself is reasonable after all. It can be noted that the film and music industry have lost millions of dollars because of piracy. A few days after an original track, software, game or movie has been released, a pirated version is already available and is ready for download. With this, the entertainment industry has been very adamant in eradicating piracy, this time, by means of cyber law. No more file-sharing and torrent downloads.

I understand the entertainment business sector, why they want this law to be implemented so badly. But one of the lawmakers in the congress made a rather ridiculous explanation on why cybercrime law is necessary. He cited a good example—social networking sites. I mean Twitter, Facebook, Plurk, Blogger and others. According to him, these social sites can be a medium of libelous intention towards others [libelous came from the root word ‘libel’ which means to state a false statement towards others; to make people think bad about them]. The actor-turned-senator said that a Filipino who posts a libelous “shoutout” on his wall is a crime. Worse, people who are going to like his post are criminals too.

Are you getting my point? The Department of Justice and the Philippine government, after this law is imposed, can easily ban Facebook and other social networking sites in just a snap of a finger. That is how bad this cybercrime law could be. That is how ‘kill joy’ our politicians could be. Is this possible? Yes. It can be noted that a country in the Middle East banned all websites that are affiliated to Google, after Youtube, a Google-owned video hosting and streaming site, hosted and streamed an anti-Islamic video about Muhammad.

But is it really our fault? Why give us the blame when in fact we are just receiving these files second hand? Does buying or downloading a pirated copy of ‘Ice Age: The Continental Drift’ makes an ordinary citizen a criminal? I don’t think so. Just because they cannot put the culprits of the cyberworld behind bars means they are allowed to cut our freedom of the internet. Instead of limiting internet freedom, why not trace the hackers/crackers/pirates and hand them over to the authorities? The Philippine government can do that… or perhaps they cannot. Government websites and servers are repetitiously hacked by a group of local hackers early this September who are against the cybercrime bill. Our government talks about cyber crimes big time yet their computer system can be easily entered and compromised by a group of Filipino hackers so easily like they are just logging into their Facebook accounts.

The bottom line is that I am against it. You should, too.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Pretty Ladies...

Some pictures need to be shared. These pretty ladies need to be shared. :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Hard-headed Home Sapien

There has to be a way for a homo sapien to learn from his mistakes. There has to be a way to make him understand that once a mistake has been committed in the past, there is only a minuscule of a chance that he will do it again. But this one is hard-headed, lax, radical and all of the above. I don’t want to become that kind of human being. But I’m actually referring to myself and everything I said before the last two sentences is a throng of understatements.

I intend to write an article that would fill in the empty space of the features page of our college paper but since there are no follow-up ideas that would support the introduction of this article, I decided to just divert my attention in bringing back to life my blog which has been long gone in blogosphere, this blog is never updated for the last three weeks.

There, I made a few statements. This blog is updated. Bye Bye.

Saturday, October 20, 2012



This ill temper I have is making me mad
I blow up and I don’t know why
I wish for just a moment I could handle my anger right
I wish my attitude would just go away
I wish my anger would stay at bay
This outlook I have on life needs to change
The anger I have deep in side
Comes out when I least expect it
This anger I have in me should just go away
This anger I have is an annoyance
This anger I have has messed my life up
This anger I have is stupid
Anger you have messed up my life
Anger you have destroyed who I am inside and out
Anger you are the devil
Anger you are all that is bad
This anger I have in me has made me fight
A fight that was not worth it
Anger you made me hit the wrong person
Anger you made me do the wrong things
Anger you are the feeling that I would never miss
Anger you have caused me so much sorrow
Anger you have caused nothing but grief.
Anger just go away

By Gavin Marshall

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Glow in the dark...

The title of this entry is not even related to my post. Far-fetched. My life could become such a boring pitiful life. But whose life isn't? we are all bored with our lives and sometimes we often convince ourselves that it's not even though it's obvious as it is. I did nothing but to sit on this couch since yesterday with my laptop in my right side, placed over a small elongated table. For a couple of months now, this pink computer has been my only true friend. 

While on this couch or sofa [since I'm not sure if what is the difference between the two and I don't intend to Google it and I don't care if you tagged me as dumb] I come to think of so many thoughts. Perhaps, one of them is a job, a good job. Other than that, I have thought about food; if chocolate cake tastes better than cookie monster or the other way around. Lastly, just like most of my thoughts these past few days, is the thought of having a girlfriend. It came to a point where my friends are making fun of me about not getting a relationship for a couple of years now.

As of this very moment, I'm still contemplating if this time is the perfect timing. How would I know? I always believe that there is something good in waiting but I guess that cliche is not for me because I'm always the impatient one, the one who is foolish and reckless. I'm the type of person who does things my way, my way and no other else.

On the other hand, I cannot really say that I am impatient. After all, I waited for love and ignored a couple of women and gays who had try their best to get noticed by me. Plus, more gays. I can still remember that on Friday, that's a day before the next before Sunday which is today, while making the fastest pace I could ever have done for an afternoon walk towards my class, a couple of students called me by my name. And I am not happy about that. I have to admit that I like women but not it [I have to use this pronoun because I'm not sure if which one is appropriate for them, what is the plural of it? Them. Yet them is not even appropriate].

One time, my gay classmate had asked me something greenish. It was greenish and it surely caught me off-guard but I told it that if only it is a girl, we could end up in a nearby lodging house for a short time. I was mean, of course. It never texted again.

The purpose of this post is to remind myself that I need to get that date next week. That's next week. Yes, for the first time since.... I can no longer remember, I am going to date someone seriously. Not just for a good time which I kept on doing for years. Not just to get a fling which I repetitiously do for the benefit of us two. This one is something, well, serious. I'm not sure.

The girl whom I am going to have a date with has been very hesitant for weeks. That I am like this or like that. That my face is not trustworthy and all. She doesn't believe me every time we exchange text messages. But whatever it is, our date is set. She has to, we had a bargain. I'll keep this thread updated. Asta Lavista!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Multi-tasking Me!

I am writing this blog while playing DotA while texting while studying for a final exam while editing features.

Why am I so good at multi-tasking at times? Apart from studying ‘nose-bleeding’ geology, I also have to edit this features article which was submitted to me passed midday Saturday. This article, like any articles for the special issue, is late. Plus my procrastinating editing, the more late this one can be. One of the reasons is that I cannot concentrate with the publication because I have a removal exam that was postponed to Monday. I need to pass that one in order for me to get rid of this subject Petrology.

The articles should have been edited by my higher eds by now if only I am not preoccupied by this subject. I am running a special report and at the same time editing this Features which are all vital for the publishing of this issue. That means if I am not done, there will be no special issue. Tomorrow is Sunday and the real reason behind the sudden closure of one of our colleges should be published a few days after tomorrow.

Jessie Nigeria Dolia will finish the report while Jela Gori and Cherry Demetillo had to collaborate to come up with a story. So there you go!


Wala Nang Masyadong Usapan...

At nalaman ko nalang na maliban sa pagkahilig ko sa babaeng mestisa, seksi, matalino at flirt ay mas nagkakagusto pa pala ako sa babaeng simple, matalino at mabait. Siguro nga ay may kagandahan at kabuluhang mangyayari kung malanding babae ang pag-uusapan. Teka. Yun na nga yun eh. Wala nang usapan. Wala nang masyadong usapang nangyayari.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pero char lang...

"Kung may talento ka, gamitin mo. Huwag kang umupo lang sa tabi at maghintay nang talent manager. Ipakita mo. Ipakita mo." - Kung sino man ang nagsulat nito, wala kang talento!

I would sit in front of a computer every early Saturday morning. It was not because I was fond of YouTube, movies or social networking sites (Well, Facebook had a part of it) but I was up for something to write. Apart from being always absent in class and investing all my academic years in playing badminton, I also wanted to write. And you know, impress my editors despite my lousy English and poor knowledge of the English grammar. In me was this confidence that I could be good at anything (except dancing and drawing. The impossibility for me to gain such a skill would be infinite). I learned though, creative writing/journalism. It was a skill that was not hard to master. It was a part of me. I was born with it. How easy it was for me to write anything. Anything. No sweat. BUT THAT WAS A YEAR AGO AND A FEW MORE YEARS BACK.

Now, I'm so lost. I don't know or can't think of anything to write. Juice(less). I'm tired, perhaps, with all the things that happen in the pub. I was disappointed and unheard. And no matter how much I try to come back to my pace  I can't. I don't know. It is such a shame for an editor, a writer before that. Every single time I write an article and it gets published,  I always fear that it would be my last one. That it would be the last juice of an arid jar. I need inspiration. I need someone to love. Awwwwwww!!!! Mao ra diay to akoang e-blog? What the heck!! Daghan pang draamaa!!!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Liquor of Life

I see the fear in your eyes
Yet love on your smile
Please do not run, nor be scared
I desire not to own nor tie you down
I desire not use what you give or say
I desire only to share from my cup with you
The Liquor of life until it runs dry

I believe forever can be just a moment in time
If we have only this moment, then this is my forever
....And in my forever I was love by you

Note: This is an award winning poem by an author I failed to give a name. Nonetheless, this is worth sharing and worth a space here in my blog. Be inspired. (Just because I am not inspired by whom nor anyone)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chubby Talks With Sister...

On days that are too ordinary, as long as my chubby sister is around, things can become a little bit funny. I become the mean big brother and she my silent minion. Bwahahahahaha…

Kinsa man tong ga-comment comment nimu sa Facebook? Ha? Tubag… Dili ka mutingog ha.. Wala raba ka ga-jogging ganeha…Bwahahahaha… Timan-e jud ha kung masakpan tikaw mag-uyab uyab, kulatahon nako ng laki… Kasabot ka? Ha? Bwahahahaha… Tulion nako…. Gasabot na raba ming kuya Jun Jun nga kung masakpan ka namo ay na… Timan-e wala jud mahay jud. Gubot jud. Bwahahahaha….

After one hour… She was watching USA VS France Olympic Basketball Game…

Inday… Dakoa nemug bukton… Mas dako pas akoa.. Bwahahaha… (She ignored me as if I was not there.) Dili ka managad nako ha?? Ga-gym ka sa? Dako man kag bukton… Tug-an sa tinoud? Bwahahahaha… Runner ka dai? Imung paa… Bwahahahaha….

After 10 minutes…

Huy.. Tug-an sa tinoud ba.. Naa kay uyab uyab? Basta ug masakpan tikaw… Wala natay dungog ha… Wala man gani ko ga-uyab uyab para suhiron ko nimo…
Her: Uwata ko…
Me: Bwahahaha… Wala baya jud na… Mao nang suhira ko ha? Bantay man…

After a couple of hours, my primitive grandfather arrived. He is actually a highlander.

Me: Lolo, ato gud ni tambagan si inday bahin anang mga uyab uyab…
Lolo: Sige Sige.. Maayo na dong…
Me: Bwahahahaha….

My grandfather had a sermon about that matter for a few minutes… Then, we ate our dinner together with my cousins and pamangkins

Me: Lolo, tambagi napud si inday bahin anang pag-jogging… Exercise ba… Unsa maning bataana mura mag pinasagdaan sa kusina… Bwahahahahahahaha…
Her: Sige, danag jud… (Still, she was silent. Bwahahahaha…)

This is a Visayan conversation. So there are only a few followers who can relate to this one. Have a nice day.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sayang, Bakit Hindi Kita Niligawan

Until now, he still does not know when was the exact time that he found her attractive. Was it the first time? the second? the third? the fourth? Perhaps, things are a little bit confusing if you do not take them seriously. People are unimportant if you do not reconsider them, that somehow, at some point, they have value.

The first time they kissed, she asked him if he likes her. "Why do you ask?" he said. And that was it. He had known women for such a long time. He managed to read their thoughts, the motives of their eyes. But he never wanted any relationship this time. He just need someone who can accompany him when the time comes that he needs a woman. His motive is rather physical in nature.

But the truth? it is not physical. They are emotionally entwined with each other. Each time they meet and kiss, he began to feel something awkward that he tried to keep within himself. She asked him several times about their relationship but never even once he mentioned his feelings for her. For him, she was just a pastime, something to be remembered when he is bored.

He ignored her several times. He does not answer her calls and text messages. He contacts her in times of boredom, in occasions when he is tired of playing computer games. He thought of her as a friend. But they are more than that. It is a complicated thing that he himself is reluctant to know.

She grew tired with him. She sure knows that she is beautiful, and many guys are waiting for her go signal if not because of him. She left his boyfriend for him. Her reasons are apparent and obvious. But he remained jerk and oblivious about it. He is a jerk, indeed.

Now, she does not care about him anymore. The last time he asked her to watch a movie in the big screen, she declined. She is not easy to get. He shall know that. But there are no regrets for his  part. He convinced himself more so often than any other issues he had in the past. He has feelings for her, yes. But he is tired and does not have time to act upon it.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

To Write is To Sleep

There was this one time in elementary when I accidentally poured a glass of cola to my classmate's uniform. He was so mad he asked me for a fight. I told him that I was sorry and did not mean it. But he insisted for a fight. So, later that afternoon we agreed to meet in the middle of the school grounds (North City Elementary School) and he started to pick up a fight with me. But I told him that I did not want any trouble, that my mother could wash/clean his uniform so that his mom would not get mad at him. But he said that I was gay and told all of my classmates that I was a freaking coward.

I was taught by grandma and grandpa to be patient and that if I am at fault, I should apologize. That's the reason why I never hit him in the face. But he became too confident that I was a coward and started bullying me almost everyday. So I told him that starting the next day, if he calls me gay one more time, he would regret it.

And he did. A couple of miniseconds after he said that, he fell into the classroom floor, clamoring for help. In an instant, he became a crying baby. I hit him in the face, at his cheekbone specifically. As a kid, I always watched shaolin movies. One good thing I learned from those films is that there are vital parts of a man's physique that when hit, cause their body to become partially dysfunctional.

I grew up with that principle. Throughout the time, I have learned to abide with that. I learned to become patient when I am at fault, and turns into a war-freak when someones messes up with me. Somehow, I also find this kind of attitude not healthy at all. I am very particular with details that tiny hint of insults, I believe, should be acted upon.

But that is not my direct conclusion of someone else's misbehavior. As I grew older, I also learned to consider people and their acts. But not inside a workplace. That kind of environment is different. There is a need to write this entry so that once this is published, I can sleep well at night. I do not like apologizing to anyone who is at fault. It kills me. It consumes my being. I know when people want to mess up with me. I know what kind of sarcasm is good or bad. I know the difference between insult and criticism. I know when I am at fault or not. I know when to act or not. I know when to hit someone in the face and become wild. My cause is always right, always pure and fair, despite the negative impression I get from other people. I do not really care if I am always misunderstood, as long as my cause is right, I can live with that.

Now, why did I apologize? because I am old and learning that other people have issues with me without me knowing gives me wrinkles. I made that selfless thing (I hate that crap) because of my cause. My cause is betterment, fair, and democratic. My cause is for everyone to be disciplined, to act upon which is right inside a workplace, and leave their bad GMRC behind. Well, humans are humans. They will learn. That includes me.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

For the moment of a Squirrel...

Just like that, like a wind passing the vast blue sky, like a squirrel running a thud after picking up a nut inside a tree hole, everything changed. Those scenes, they were not that long or momentous as far as I can remember. But they were memorable enough to make me smirk, something to ponder when I am bored. I can still think about those even until now. Of course, talking about the wind, anything is possible for the wind. It could bring immeasurable joy or perhaps the sound of irrevocable death. But mine has nothing to do with that element of nature. I was and am a sneaky animal and this 'emo' blog entry has something to do with my irregular-shaped vital organ located in the left portion of my chest.

I was and still am on the edge, but not really at the tip of the sword, of falling in love. But this feeling, for some reasons, I tried to contain because I think this is just another piece of crap. So, I played around. Have had asked her for a date several times but most of those nights were my remarkable absences. Had told her that will stroll around for a longer while after my class. Had told her that will eat together some time. Had told her that what we have is just plain, mutual understanding, and that we do not need to overdo it. We do not need to over-react. I played dumb. She had no choice but to join monopoly. But ours is closer to snake and ladders. Waley. Waley. Who gets to the top first wins. But what is on the top, really?

Should I just stop rolling the dice? or how about grab her in and stop fooling around? Which is which, well I do not know. I do not intend to know. But really, cupid had me hit. So what should I do next? Okay then, I will sleep. That would be good. But this thing would make me restless. What a puppy dog...I am such a kiddo inside...

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ang Buhay ay Clown...

Minsan nga natatawa ako sa sarili ko. Maliban sa nakakatawang mukha ni Bentong o sa mga reaksiyon ni Mr. Bean o sa mga waley jokes ni Boy Pick-up ay wala nang mas nakakatawa sa buhay ko. At oo, pareho tayo. Ang buhay mo rin ay nakakatawa. Pagka’t malaki ang pagkakaiba natin sa kanila na ang buhay ay umiikot lamang sa telebisyon. Ang sa kanila ay mga buhay na hiram. Yung buhay na pansamantala. Pero itong atin, hindi. Totoo to. Nangyayari. At wala nang mas nakakatawa o nakakaiyak sa totoong buhay ng isang tao.

Nakakatawa yung mga panahong ginawa mo ang lahat para lamang makapasa sa exam mo na ang akala mo ay long exam. Syempre, kinaumagahan na nang humiga ka sa kama at ilang oras lang ang tulog mo dahil first period yung exam mo. Pero nang matapos ang exam ay nalaman mong 10 items lang pala. At hindi mo pa nasagotan lahat dahil sa first chapter lang kinuha ng magaling mong titser ang mga tanong niya. Okay lang, sampung chapters lang naman ang binasa mo eh.

Nakakatawa yung mga pagkakataong nakatapos ka ng isang minor subject mo tulad ng math o chemistry. At sobrang bilib na bilib ka sarili mo dahil higher math o higher chemistry yung pinasa mo. Pero alam na alam mo sa sarili mo na puro lang kayabangan ang meron ka dahil hindi mo naman talaga maipapasa lahat yun eh kung hindi ka tinulungan ng matalino mong klasmeyt.

Nakakatawa yung hihingi ka ng extrang baon sa mga magulang mo dahil may projects ka raw sa school o di kaya naman ay may field trip kayo sa cebu o manila. Dahil mahal ka ng magulang mo ay nanghiram sila ng pera sa kapitbahay niyo para lang ibigay sayo. At yun, ginamit mo nga sa project mo yung pera. Kasama mo yung girlfriend sa ginawa mong project. Nanood ng sine. Kumain sa labas. Binilhan siya ng flowers o di kaya naman ay teddy bear mula sa blue magic. Binilhan mo ng bagong t-shirt ang boyfriend mo o di kaya naman ay kumain kayo sa Jolibee o di kaya naman ay mcdo. Pagkatapos ng una niyong anniversary ay naghiwalay din kayo.

Pero siguro, wala nang mas nakakatawa pa sa pag-ibig. Yung gagawa ka ng tula o lyrics ng kanta habang tinutuno sa gitara para ibigay o iparinig sa kanya pero heto naming kinababaliwan mo ay gumagawa din ng kanta o tula para sa ibigay sa iba. Yung panahon ng hindi mo naman talaga gusto itong isang babae na nagpapapansin sayo kaya dinededma mo lang. Pero huli na nung nalaman mong may pagtingin ka rin pala sa kanya. Nang linapitan mo siya ay ayaw na niya sayo. Yung mga pagkakataong ayaw mo munang pumasok sa relasyon dahil nakakabuwesit lang ito sa buhay pero may biglang dumating na hindi naman kagandahan o kagwapuhan at sinimulang bwesitin ka araw araw pero nagustuhan mo rin naman at nasanay kana lang din.

Nakakatawa rin ang mga ekspektasyon ng mga tao kung editor ka sa pahina ng malikhaing pagsulat. Akala nila sisiw lang sayo ang magsulat ng isang pahina o dalawa. At magkaka-crush sayo ang mga bakla dahil nagugustuhan nila ang mga sinusulat mo. Tapos maniningil pa ng kay aga-aga ang EIC mo na alam naman niyang sa susunod na araw pa ang deadline mo, Yung tipong napre-pressure ka na at gusto mong sabihin sa kanya na “chillax lang, huwag kang panic.” Pero wala silang kaalam alam na sa bawat letra, sa bawat panahong iginugol mo sa pagsusulat ay ang katotohanang sana ay hindi ka nalang naging isang manunulat. Na sana ay ibang sideline nalang ang pinasok mo.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Walang Utak, Wala Lahat

Dahil ba editor ako ng isang weekly publication na ang gamit na linggwahe sa pagsusulat ay englis ay lilimitahan ko na ang aking sining sa isang wikang gawa gawa lang ng mga alien? Hindi. Kaya ngayon ay magsusulat ako ng Filipino dahil ako ay taong makamasa at ang dugo ni Rizal ay nanalaytay sa aking dugo.

Sa totoo lang, ang araw na ito ay walang kaibahan sa mga nakalipas na araw. Wala akong maisulat at kahit kunting likido na magmumula sana sa aking lamhad na kaisipan ay walang wala din. BRAIN DRAIN. Sinubukan ko ring magsulat ng tula na pawang kalokohan lamang. Mabuti pa nga ang kalokohan eh, may puwang sa isip ko.

Habang nakatotok ako sa motor na ito, may mga padaan daang mga langgam sa pader. Naisip ko tuloy kung masarap ba silang kainin. Kung malutong ba sila kung lulutuin. Tapos tumigin ako sa tv screen na 32-inch. Astig din to. Naalala ko noong bata pa ako na sa black and white tv lang kami nanonood noon. Nag-iba na nga talaga ang panahon. Nag-iba na rin ang pag-iisip ko.

Sanhi ito ng hindi ko lubusang pagligo araw araw. Pero alam ko rin naman na may kabutihan sa hindi pagligo. Kikinis ang balat mo. Yan ang sekreto ng mga koreano. Ang pagligo talaga. Ito ang isa sa mga problemang kailangan kong harapin araw araw. Pero kailangan ko munang tapusin ang palabas. Charle's Angles Full Throttle. Hindi ko palalampasin ang mga angels sa mga mata ko. Sige. Paalam na.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Why are we poor? because We Let Ourselves be

In one of the luncheons he hosted recently for clients of the Rizal Commercial Banking Corp., Ambassador Alfonso T. Yuchengco asked the National Artist for Literature Francisco Sionil Jose to share some of his observations of the current scene. This is the paper Mr. Jose read on that occasion:

What did South Korea look like after the Korean War in 1953? Battered, poor, but look at Korea now. In the Fifties, the traffic in Taipei was composed of bicycles and Army trucks, the streets flanked by tile-roofed low buildings. Jakarta was a giant village and Kuala Lumpur a small village surrounded by jungle and rubber plantations. Bangkok was crisscrossed with canals, the tallest structure was the Wat Arun, the Temple of the Sun, and it dominated the city's skyline. Rice fields all the way from Don Muang Airport - then a huddle of galvanized iron-roofed bodegas, to the Victory monument.

Visit these cities today and weep - for they are more
beautiful, cleaner and prosperous than Manila. In the Fifties and Sixties we were the most envied country in Southeast Asia.

Remember further that when Indonesia got its independence in 1949, it had only 114 university graduates compared to the hundreds of Ph.D.'s which were already in our universities. Why then were we left behind? The economic explanation is simple. We did not produce cheaper and better products. The basic question really is: why we did not modernize fast enough and thereby doomed our people to poverty. This is the harsh truth about us today.

Just consider these: some 15 years ago a survey showed that half of all grade school pupils dropped out after grade 5 because they had no money to continue schooling. Thousands of young adults today are therefore unable to find jobs. Our natural resources have been ravaged and they are not renewable. Our tremendous population increase eats up all of our economic gains. 

There is hunger in this country now; our poorest eat only once a day. But this physical poverty is really not as serious as the greater poverty that afflicts us and this is the poverty of the spirit. Why then are we poor? More than ten years ago, James Fallows, editor of the Atlantic Monthly came to the Philippines and wrote about our ?damaged culture? which, he asserted, impeded our development.
Many disagreed with him but I do find a great deal of truth in his analysis. This is not to say that I blame our social and moral malaise on colonialism alone.

But we did inherit from Spain a social system and an elite that, on purpose, exploited the masses. Then, too, in the Iberian peninsula, to work with one's hands is frowned upon and we inherited that vice as well.

Colonialism by foreigners may no longer be what it was, but we are now a colony of our own elite. We are poor because we are poor - this is not a tautology. The culture of poverty is self-perpetuating. We are poor because our people are lazy. I pass by a slum area every morning - dozens of adults do nothing but idle, gossip and drink. We do not save. Look at the Japanese and how they save in spite of the fact that the interest given them by their banks is so little. They work very hard too.

We are great show-offs. Look at our women, how overdressed, over-coiffed they are, and Imelda epitomizes that extravagance. Look at our men, their manicured nails, their personal jewelry, their diamond rings. Yabang - that is what we are, and all that money expended on status symbols, on yabang.

How much better if it were channeled into production! We are poor because our nationalism is inward looking. Under its guise we protect inefficient industries and monopolies.

We did not pursue agrarian reform like Japan and Taiwan. It is not so much the development of the rural sector, making it productive and a good market as well. Agrarian reform releases the energies of the landlords who, before the reform, merely waited for the harvest. They become entrepreneurs, the harbingers of change. Our nationalist icons like Claro M. Recto and Lorenzo TaƱada opposed agrarian reform, the single most important factor that would have altered the rural areas and lifted the peasant from poverty. Both of them were merely anti-American.

And finally, we are poor because we have lost our ethical moorings. We condone cronyism and corruption and we don't ostracize or punish the crooks in our midst. Both cronyism and corruption are wasteful but we allow their practice because our loyalty is to family or friend, not to the larger good.

We can tackle our poverty in two very distinct ways. The first choice: a nationalist revolution, a continuation of the revolution in 1896. But even before we can use violence to change inequities in our society, we must first have a profound change in our way of thinking, in our culture. My regret about EDSA is that change would have been possible then with a minimum of bloodshed. In fact, a revolution may not be bloody at all if something like EDSA would present itself again, or a dictator unlike Marcos.

The second is through education, perhaps a longer and more complex process. The only problem is that it may take so long and by the time conditions have changed, we may be back where we were, caught up with this tremendous population explosion which the Catholic Church exacerbates in its conformity with doctrinal purity.
We are faced with a growing compulsion to violence, but even if the communist won, they will rule as badly because they will be hostage to the same obstructions in our culture, the barkada and the vaulting egos that sundered the revolution in 1896, the Huk revolt in 1949-53.

To repeat, neither education nor revolution can succeed if we do not internalize new attitudes, new ways of thinking. Let us go back to basics and remember those American slogans: A Ford in every garage. A chicken in every pot. Money is like fertilizer: to do any good it must be spread around.

Some Filipinos, taunted wherever they are, are ashamed to admit they are Filipinos. I have, myself, been embarrassed explain for instance why Imelda, her children and the Marcos cronies are back, and in positions of power? Are there redeeming features in our country that we can be proud of? Of course, lots of them.

When people say for instance that our corruption will never be banished, just remember that Arsenio Lacson as mayor of Manila and Ramon Magsaysay as President brought a clean government. We do not have the classical arts that brought Hinduism and Buddhism to continental and archipelago Southeast Asia, but our artists have now ranged the world, showing what we have done with Western art forms, enriched without own ethnic traditions.

Our professionals, not just our domestics, are all over, showing how an accomplished people we are! Look at our history. We were the first in Asia to rise against Western colonialism, the first to establish a republic. Recall the Battle of Tirad Pass and glory in the heroism of Gregorio Del Pilar and the 48 Filipinos who died but stopped the Texas Rangers from capturing the President of that First Republic. Its equivalent in ancient history is the Battle of Thermopylae where the Spartans and their king Leonidas died to a man, defending the pass against the invading Persians.

Rizal - what nation on earth has produced a man like him? At 35, he was a novelist, a poet, an anthropologist, a sculptor, a medical doctor, a teacher and martyr.

We are now 80 million and in another two decades we will pass the 100 million mark. Eighty million - that is a mass market in any language, a mass market that should absorb our increased production in goods and services - a mass market which any entrepreneur can hope exploit, like the proverbial oil for the lamps of China. Japan was only 70 million when it had confidence enough and the wherewithal to challenge the United States and almost won. It is the same confidence that enabled Japan to flourish from the rubble of defeat in World War II.

I am not looking for a foreign power for us to challenge. But we have a real and insidious enemy that we must vanquish, and this enemy is worse than the intransigence of any foreign power. We are our own enemy. And we must have the courage, the will, to change ourselves.