Monday, December 26, 2011

The Odd Names Who Adopted Thee

Toto, Bonbon, Dudut, Jenjen, Evelyn, Ronie -- these are the uncommon names of the people who adopted me on one Christmas Day. Even a 20-year old bully has his own share of daydream of getting adopted to another family in just a day or two.

"Naa nas Ryan!" Toto said, informing her older sister Jenjen, as I got closer into their front doorstep. I stepped a few more and sat on a bamboo seat. But before that, Jen and I had finally exchanged smiles and greeted one another.

The smiles and hellos that we both have shared were as important as playing DotA with my peers at the computer shop. Those were as important as eating my favorite meal at Birdie's bakeshoppe. It was an encounter that I rehearsed in my mind from time to time while riding on the bus.

Okay, so I'm kinda tired right now to write all the things that happened there so let me give a summary.

- I sat quietly inside the church. (So not me)
- I included myself with the Sunday school for children. Did some kiddie stuff.
- I had to tell the story of Jesus of Nazareth when he went to the Temple. (not sure) because my kabarkada who were kids 8 years old below, chose me. Had no choice.
- I had to sing the Love of Jesus infront of the kids. It was my fault since I raised my hands when Jen asked if who knows it.
- Went back to the church. Listened to Pastor Ronie's sermon.
- Ate lunch. Good Food.
- Made the kids look cool because they were having a playlet later that afternoon. I became an instant hairstylist who knows nothing but combed their hair Jose Rizal style.
- The playlet started. Everyone was laughing because the kids were hilarious.
- The program has ended, and I laid down in the bamboo bench.
- Felt sleepy and watched television.
- Played kayokok late late in the afternoon.
- Went inside the house. Watched TV. Talked to bonbon, and dudut.
- Had dinner with the rest of the family.
- Listened to a few waley jokes from Pastor Ronie and Ante Evelyn
- Watched Tangled with the four of them. I mean, five of them because another one was adopted, Chenchen.
- Ate Breakfast. Had talks with them again.
- Enjoyed the entire holiday.

Note: Here are the videos of their playlet and dance number. Bad quality since I only got 2 megapixel camera phone. Bear with it. :)

Playlet Part 1. Bith of Jesus

Playlet Part 2. Jesus at the Temple

Their Dance number.

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