Friday, November 11, 2011

When Hero defines Stupidity...

Seems like I never felt that I am enrolled this semester. Never even felt that I am a student. Never even remembered that I wrote down notes or had an assignment early this semester. Perhaps, the class is still on a quarter of getting started. I assumed that my instructors are still having their work at the highlands of Mindanao since licensed geologists usually work there for good.

That's me over there. I'm doing the planking thing. Actually, I have done this hilarious act a couple of times already and every time I do this, I feel like I'm superman, the one who has super strength, the one who can fly, the one who has laser eyes. But of course, since I am Filipino, I'm the conservative type so I have decided to not where red underwear outside my dashing suit. But you know, if ever I've got no other choice but to wear undies outside my suit that defines my masculinity and well-fit body (Don't say yuck, okay?), I would choose a more vibrant color, not red. It's a pain to the eye for Gas Sake!

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  1. Haha. Uu nga naman. Try a unique one. mmm, yellow? haha. Vibrant, cool, amazing! haha.


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