Monday, November 14, 2011

Another Puppy Love...

After a five-minute drive from my boarding house, I turned off the ignition and left my cab improperly at the parking space since I was sure that someone would come and park it symmetrically along with a dozen other motorcyles. Sometimes, I asked myself if my having a motorcycle is a wise idea or it is just a show off of my boastful character. I also wonder if it's a waste of money.

It was a cloudy Sunday yesterday. I loved days like that, the air is not too hot and not too cold, just right. But despite the neutral weather, someone made me blush that I could almost see myself as a red pepper masquerader. Here's the story.

I like first Sundays, mainly because a church offers free purple juice drink and bread. Okay, perhaps I am beaing mean and that's not really what I want to say because yesterday wasn't first Sunday, it was the second.

As I climbed the stairs, I opt to make the proper steps, the ones that show formality, just enough to give me ample time to see her standing beside the doorcase if ever she was there. But sad to say, she wasn't there. It was another usherette.

I was disappointed. But I took the dissapointment out of my mind because my being there was not because of my newly-born puppy love or anything that would imply as something cheesy. I wanted to be religious that time, though it might sound so ridiculous if ever one of my friends hear me saying this.

As I enter the church, I made sure that a joyful aura envelopes my presence. The praise and worship started already and I paused for a while to find a seat , picking a row that has a vacant chairs for two. Actually, nobody was with me that time since I usually go to church alone but I wanted two vacant chairs because I didn't want people to think that I'm with somebody. The room was crowded with young people. For a moment, I found two vacant chairs.

Suddenly, "Hello, are you alone?" It was a female voice coming from my right side. Then, I turned my head and answered....Okay, I wasn't able to answer right away...It was her...LOADING...BUFFERING...The dissapointment washed away...

Should I speak English? I thought to myself. "Actually, I was looking for a friend," I stretched my neck upwards, acting as if I was searching for somebody, my eyes wandering the crowd. "I think she's not here.... so I think I'm alone." I did a good English without stammering. I feel more at ease talking to girls nowadays. I'm old enough.

Then, I smiled, my eyes met hers. She's so lovely and her beauty an oriental. (I think we look good together. Haha) She smiled back, and I stood there for a couple of seconds not saying anything. "I think there's a vacant chair over there." She pointed it out using her little finger.

"Where? I can't see anything. Medyo daghang tawo man." I laughed softly. "This way," she ushered me to my seat.

'Thanks," I said.

She just smiled at walked away. Never saw her again after the service. THE END.

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