Wednesday, October 12, 2011

When Two Broken Hearts Talk

The rain just fell down quite a sudden yesterday afternoon. I could hear thuds of hurrying feet. And as each raindrop slaps the soil on the ground, I wondered how many drops of tears ran through her face, spilled to the ground when she was heartbroken.

Me: How's your heart?

She smiled, and told me to stop it.

Me: Really. How are you?
Her: I don't know. I still think about him sometimes. It hurts. Still.
Me: Hahaha. I know!
Her: Shut up!
Me: You don't need to lie about it.
Her: I always wanted to tell you about this. It's just that you are always not around.
Me: I'm getting popular. I'm hiding from the press.
Her: I want to move on. How will I do that?
Me: You want to move on? Then let's walk.

We were walking while the rain poured over us. Maybe an hour or so.

Her: I want to forget him.
Me: You can't do that. I mean, you can. But not now.
Her: What did you do when she left you?
Me: You know how it is. I was devastated.
Her: What did you do to get rid of the pain?
Me: I eat. All the time. You see that? That's tempura. I eat things like that all the time.
Her: I don't eat tempura. It makes me vomit.
Me: Then, eat ice cream. See that store over there? it gains profit because I buy ice cream every night.
Her: hmmm...Really?
Me: Sure. Let's eat then. My treat.

Then, it was my turn.

Her: Why still single up to now? I know you. You can get one whenever you feel like it.
Me: You know I'll marry someone at 27 or 28, don't you?
Her: Hahaha. I know. Just stop the cold and harsh social drama.
Me: I'm not hurting her, am I? I know I'm not. Besides, I'm tired of all the people there.
Her: She told me about it. The books and stuff. Hahaha.
Me: I hope she'll be fleshy when I turn 27.
Her: So, how about now. No plans of having a girlfriend?
Me: I'm tired. I'm looking for something. Something real.
Her: Hahaha.
Me: Really. I just don't want anyone getting involved with my life.
Her: Can you remember the days with your ex-gf? Come on! Weren't those days nice? You can stay in your room and be happy about it. That there's someone who loves you.
Me: Was it all about sex? I don't know. You know how she is and what she looks like. Her cleavage makes me weak, and all about her makes me think nothing but sex.
Her: You said you love her?
Me: I did. There was love and lust. But when we broke up, I come to realize that I was attracted to her looks, and later on, feel inlove. I loved her. You know that. And sex, too.
Her: You really did that?
Me: No. Just kidding!
Her: Come on. Just tell me. Did you two screwed up?
Me: What are you talking about? I'm clean. And Fresh. Haha.

And another conversation came up.

Her: You look good together.
Me: Who?
Her: ______
Me: She doesn't get me. She just don't get me! She's playing dumb.
Her: It was your fault.
Me: Mine? My fault!
Her: Yeah. You didn't tell her.
Me: I was obvious. She's just.....complicated.
Her: You're the one who is complicated. I often see you around walking with her and you just  can't say it.
Me: I'm tired. It was Joshua Harris' book. That jerk! That guy led me to singleness.
Her: hahaha.
Me: It's okay. I'm dating someone now.
Her: who?
Me: A Sillimanian chick.
Her: Another one?
Me: Yes. Another one.
Her: Stop that. Go back to her and talk her out. The other one.
Me: Geez. You're sick!


  1. Makalibog >.<

    Sumpayan pa ng annoying blue chick mu.haha

  2. When two broken hearts talk, they become happier. :) Dropping by from The Coffee Chic!

  3. I couldn't thank you enough for such a great talk, Ry. :)

    Nya na ang change, ha?

    GOD bless us. GOD bless sa imung lovelife-to-be. Hahaha :D


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