Friday, October 7, 2011

Urgghh!!! Waaaaa!!! Grrrrrrrr!!!

This is a post of a zombie. This is an entry of a hopeless mathematician wanna-be who didn't even invest too much effort in taking his math exam. While most students here in the university had spent a cold night, preparing for their exams the next day, there was a good-looking asshole who was too confident with the outcome of his exam finale, and spent the night with his friends playing DotA.

I took my exam a while ago in Differential Calculus. It was easy. Chicken. Pansit. The sad part was, I wasn't able to answer the rest of the test items because it didn't occur in my bean-sized brain that such test questions would come out in the exam. Equations of Circles. Damn. There were 5 items of it, 2 points each. I just missed 10 points!

But you know, I am a procrastinator. I procrastinate most of the time. I did a little review around three o' clock this morning. I studied about Real No.s and Inequalties, Lines and Circles, Linear Functions, Limit of a function. All in all, I did a hell of little review. Around 80 pages or so in a book.

If only I reviewed my notes earlier, if only I refused my friends from playing DotA, if only I did not procrastinate, if only I have become a goody-goody student even just for a night, if only I invested enough effort, I could walk out from that room with a smile drawn in my face.


  1. nahh. lesson learned Ryan...

    Read your article about the

    You'll soon be one of them. Pero char lang...

  2. Haha. Wanna comment first sa comment ni Albert. *pero char lang* haha. Contagious na talga line ni Jeff.

    Uki anyways, Ryan magtino kana kc.haha

  3. I'm just like you. Sometimes I tend to be too confident that I can answer all those mathematical problems during exams. I don't study hard like the rest of those who want to go crazy over an exam, I just skim and scan, I even have a movie marathon or even play ragnarok or dota the night before the exam. The aftermath of my overconfidence??? ano pa eh di katulad mo I missed some scores, sayang I should have been perfect if only I could turn back time.hehehehe..

    nice blog.. following you.. :)

  4. Oh.. the "if-onlys"... They're bitches! lol..

    Ayan, lesson learned na. You know what to do next time..


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