Monday, October 3, 2011

Lecturing Greenhorns

Me and the rest of my co-editors had a campus journalism seminar and workshop at a public high school last Saturday. My lecture was about Column Writing.

Me: So, anyone of you here knows what a column is?
Students (around 13 of them): NO!
Me: Really? (Then, I smiled and showed them our paper and a sample of a column article.)
Students: You have a picture in it.
Me: I do. Am I not adorable?
Students: (They were laughing out loud) Hahahahaha...
Me: I know. You just can't say it but I know. (I smiled, again. It seemed that my lecture was filled with laughs. Then, I gave them a definition for column.)
Me: When you write a column. You should be one sided. Unequivocal.
Students: What's that suppose to mean?
Me: I mean, when you think that Ai-ai delas Allas is ugly and smells really bad and you write about it. That's your opinion,  without the influence of anyone. And you should write it with conviction. That she smells really really bad. That she's very very ugly. And you shouldn't care of what other people will say about your article. It's yours! You give them the info!

So, I am hoping that within this year, we can give a lecture to a few more public/private schools, both in elementary and high school. I want to meet hundreds of aspiring young journalists out there.

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  1. LOL. Yes, write with conviction. Natawa lang ako sa sample mo. :D It made my day.

    Botheredlang ako dun sa link ko. Look! - Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Micro... HAHAHAHA.


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