Friday, October 21, 2011

I just want my gift!

Beep. Beep.

I held my phone and searched for the inbox. My heart jumped for it was Papa. It was unexpected. He rarely remembers me. He rarely sends text message to me. He never calls. Last year, I received two messages from him. That was all. And the message I received from him yesterday was the second one this year.

Papa: Hello yan. How are you? Just focus in your studies. Okay. Give me Rachel's number. (Rachel is my younger sister.)

Me: Fine Pa. How about you? My birthday is upcoming. My gift?

Then, he didn't reply. I waited for an hour...two...three...NONE.

This morning, I've got his reply.

Papa: When is your birthday again?

Wow.  I said to myself. Wow. I just learned that there's a father in this world who can't remember the birthday of his oldest son. It didn't anger me. It was normal. It was expected. It didn't hurt my ego nor affected my emotional behavior. It didn't affect even a single cell in my body. I just want my gift! That's all!


  1. Owh. Anubayan! hehe. Okay lng yan ry, basta may gift.haha btaw, keep moving. You're too young to go through life's misery :)))

  2. Yeah editor it's just okay... hehehe parehas na ta...

  3. another bit of life's drama.. keep it cool honey, okay lang yan. :)

  4. Cheer up. Just think of it this way, your dad is preoccupied with so many stuff that he can't even remember when was the last time he had his meal. Or not. Haha! That didn't help. But hey, it's not unusual for men not to remember dates. ;)


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