Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Go Lucky!

There were three of us. My guy friends here in the publication have realized that after having a delicious and tummy-bursting meal at Mang Inasal last night, we've got no other place to go. For the nth time around this semestral break, boredom struck again. And it was at moments like these that we usually hear our spontaneous yet sporadic laughter. We have got the happy-go-lucky-air of a young man with an expanse of freedom.

Here's the first thing we did. We played DotA non-stop until one o'clock this morning. We also played DotA later that afternoon.

The second thing we did. We parked the motorcycle and realized that policemen we're having "Dakop  Session." We watch the different reactions from people who were caught by them. It was funny. Some were afraid. Some were sweating. Some were pissed off. Some wants to run away. Some throttled their motorcycles at max speed at taxied the road like   they own a national high way.

The third thing we did. We ate. A lot

The fourth thing we did. We walked. A lot. Around three hours or so. And talked nonsense.

The last thing we did. We played DotA from 4 AM to 5:30 Am.

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